How to Save AOL Email to Computer?

If you wish to save your AOL emails to the Computer, then you are at the right place. You will get all the possible solutions in this blog to save AOL email to Computer.

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AOL is an American email client and web services provider that is common among business organizations. There is a rising need nowadays to have more than one email account that serves different purposes. AOL contains all the email data of the users, including all the email items. It is necessary to save all this data to have a backup of it on your computer at all times.

Some manual methods help us to save AOL emails to the computer. But before knowing these methods, let us first recognize the need to back up the AOL emails to PC.

Reasons to Save AOL Email to Computer

Several threats present in today’s world compel us to backup our AOL emails to our local desktop. Some of the primary reasons for the same are mentioned below.

  • Accessing your AOL email account requires an active internet connection. If you urgently need to access an email and your internet is not working, you would be in a situation. Having a backup of all your mailbox data can save you from such events.
  • The virus and malware threats have exponentially increased these days making the cloud-based environment unsecure. Your email data contains a lot of personal information that can be hacked through the cloud at times of malware or virus intrusions.
  • You can save yourself from the online updation time of the servers. Sometimes, the cloud-based systems are down or are updating their services. The user can save this waiting time by accessing the local backup on their PC.

These reasons make it essential to save AOL email to computer. The methods that would help you to backup AOL emails are discussed below.

Note: Sometimes users encounter the error AOL mail not working with Outlook, you can fix this with the help of this mentioned guide.

How to Save AOL Email to my Computer?

  1. Through Print Message Option
  2. Using Message Source Feature

Follow these methods precisely to save AOL email to PC. They have been described in a detailed manner to guide you entirely through the process.

Through Print Message Option

AOL is equipped with an inbuilt feature to print the selected email message. It is an easy method that saves the AOL email to the PC as a PDF file. Follow the below steps to execute this method.

  • Open your AOL email account by logging in with your credentials.
  • Choose the particular email that you want to save and click on the More option.
  • Now, from the drop-down options, click on Print Message.
  • In the Print tab, click on the Change button to choose the printing options.
  • After that, pick Save as PDF and hit the Save button.
    Select the location on your PC to save the email and click on the Save button.

It is an effortless method to save AOL email to computer. It can store one email message at a time on your PC.

Using Message Source Feature

This method allows the user to save and view the selected email in TXT file format. Follow the steps mentioned below to execute the solution accurately.

  • Log in to your AOL email account.
  • Click and open the email to backup and select the Action option.
  • Pick the View Message Source option from the drop-down menu.
  • On your keyboard, press Ctrl+S simultaneously to save the source of the file.
  • Choose a location on your PC to save the file and hit the Save button. Your selected AOL email will be saved on your computer.

Both these manual methods discussed above are simple and can save AOL email to computer. However, these are time-consuming as they have restrictions to backup only a single email at once.

To overcome these restrictions, you can opt for an alternate solution, i.e., Sysinfo AOL Mail Backup Tool, that can securely backup AOL emails to the computer. It is one of the best utilities to save AOL emails in different file formats like PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, DOC, etc. Furthermore, it also allows you to migrate the AOL mailbox to other email clients like Gmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, etc.


Here, we have discussed the need to save AOL email to computer. Several scenarios make it essential to have a backup of your AOL mail to your PC locally. Different manual methods have been described for you to follow them precisely and backup AOL emails. These methods have some limitations that curb their use. Besides a direct solution, i.e., a professional tool is advised to backup AOL emails directly in bulk to your PC. It saves a lot of time for the users and can save your AOL mailbox, including all the attachments and email items to your PC.

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