Best Google Workspace Backup Solutions and Pricing in 2023

User query – I am a Google user for the past few years. Recently, I have realized that my G-Suite is consuming so much space in my local account. Even though it contains various crucial data in Google photos, contacts, Gmail, and many other applications. After doing so much research, I think to back up all Google Workspace items in my local system for future purposes. So, I am here for asking you for a solution that can assist me in downloading all G-Suite items immediately.

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I am here to provide the best Google Workspace Backup solutions in this guide. Usually, users do backups to save their data from online hacking attempts. Various ordinary reasons, such as phishing/malware attacks, application outages, GDPR compliances, email archiving requirements, and many more. Therefore, I have bought the top 3 Google Workspace Email Backup third-party software. I will elaborate on them in detail, through which you can opt for any of them.

Reasons for Backing Up G Suite

Before moving further, you should have knowledge of why you need to back up your G Suite account.

  • Easily access data in offline mode.
  • Unexpected or deliberate data deletion.
  • Users should do a backup to protect their data loss before the migration process.

Here, I have highlighted some standard needs to back up Google Workspace. In addition, I will talk about the best three Google Workspace Backup assistance.

List of Google Workspace Backup Solutions

In this upcoming section, I will discuss the best three Google Workspace Backup Software. The list is mentioned below.

Software Solutions Pricing Features and Benefits Client’s Testimonials
Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Solutions $49 This company has great accuracy in backing up the Google Workspace data and not a single piece of data is lost while downloading the G-Suite Data. “I have taken the Google Workspace Backup Service from Sysinfo and they downloaded 100 GB of data on my local drive.” Edwin Stark
Aryson G Suite Backup Solution $49 This solution is available round the clock and you can contact the customer service team anytime. They even give remote solutions and you will not have to go anywhere as the solutions are available online. “I am really thankful to Aryson for giving me the remote service for downloading all G-Suite data without missing or losing my crucial data” Amelia Smith>
Cigati Google Workspace Download Utility $49 Cigati’s Google Workspace Backup solution is best known for the speed at which they download large data from the G-Suite to your local drive or any other drive. “Cigati’s chat assistance is impeccable because in no time the chat team backed up my 70 GB of Google Workspace data on my system.”Charlotte Simmons

Here, I have highlighted the foremost three Google Workspace Backup Solutions. I will go through them further.

Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Solutions

About Sysinfo

SysinfoTools deals in software-based applications. Moreover, it has a wide range of software products in Email Management, Database Recovery, Outlook Management, etc. Along with that, it has Google Workspace software that provides 24/7 assistance to users. If any user faces any problem while backing up their G Suite account, our technical team will solve the query.

Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Tool is a comprehensive software that helps users to back up their G-Suite items efficiently. Users are allowed to save the backup data into local hard drives. You can save Google Contacts, Drive, Gmail, and Calendars items as per your desired location.

Salient Features –

  • Users permit to save the mailbox items into various file formats, such as PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, etc.
  • Reliable, fast, and efficient are the essential features of the software.
  • It is highly suggested by IT Administrators and Experts.
  • This utility supports all versions of Windows OS.
  • Google Workspace Email Backup tool sustains data structure and integrity.
  • The interface of this software is very easy-to-understand.

Cons –

  • It focuses on only backing up of G-Suite items.
  • You can use the free version of this software, but there are some restrictions for the migration process.
  • You can export your Gmail emails to your O365 account with up to 50 emails per folder.

Here, I have discussed one Google Workspace Backup Solution. Furthermore, I will go through others also. You can check them.

Aryson G Suite Backup Solutions

About Aryson

Aryson Technologies focus on software applications of cutting-edge. Additionally, it deals in an extensive collection of Cloud Backup, Password Recovery, Data Recovery, Email Migration, and many more. Moreover, it has a G Suite Backup utility which aids in backing up entire G Suite apps with 100% security.

Aryson G Suite Backup utility is a trustworthy and efficient solution that aids users in backing up all Google apps. Even it also helps users to collaborate with all G-Suite and protects the decrypted data from malicious users.

Salient Features –

  • Straightforwardly back up all G-Suite items, like Hangout Chat, Emails, Meet, and many more.
  • There is a feature to remove duplicate emails while doing the backing-up process.
  • Even you can download the Google Calendar and Contacts in ICS and VCF file format.

Cons –

  • Requires basic technical skills to manage and run the tool.
  • It needs a strong network connection for backing up G-Suite apps.
  • It involves too many operations.

Therefore, I have gone through another Google Workspace Backup Solution. You can choose any of them at your convenience level. Additionally, I will discuss another solution also.

Cigati Google Workspace Download Utility

About Cigati

Cigati Solution focuses on customer satisfaction. It provides different domains, such as Freeware tools, Data Recovery, and more. It has Google Workspace Download Utility that assists users to back up G Suite items along with their attachments.

Cigati Google Workspace Download Utility is a versatile and reliable solution that protects users’ data from loss of data. It back up and saves the G Suite application on your local system.

Salient Features

  • Users are allowed to back up G suite for business, enterprise, and work data on their PC or Laptop.
  • You can opt for the Date Filter for your selective backup of mailbox items.
  • Even you can use the naming convention feature.

Cons –

  • You must have high-speed internet to run the tool.
  • The Graphical User Interface of this software is a little bit complicated.
  • It requires technical supervision.

However, I have successfully completed all three Google Workspace Backup Solutions. You can check and follow any of the solutions.

Final Words

In this blog, I hope you have got sufficient knowledge. Firstly, I have highlighted some common reasons for backing up G suite. After that, I discussed the top 3 G-Suite Backup solutions. You can go through them and follow them as per your comfort zone.

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