Troubleshooting Tips for AOL Mail Not Working With Outlook

AOL Mail is used by many organizations worldwide for email communication and storing other crucial data. On the other hand, some people add AOL Mail to their Outlook accounts for their convenience. But sometimes, due to minor human errors, AOL Mail not working with Outlook. Users are unable to access their AOL emails in the synced Outlook Account. The possible reason for this problem is the change in AOL Mail Password.

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Furthermore, I will discuss reasons for AOL not working with Outlook. Here, we will try various ways to fix this issue.

AOL Not Responding With Outlook – Know Why

The main possible reasons for this problem can be the following:-

  • You must not have added the Incoming Server Details Correctly.
  • The synchronization of your AOL account with your Outlook account may be unsuccessful.
  • The AOL Mail user might have changed the account password.

Now, I am moving further towards the various ways to fix the problem of AOL mail not working on Outlook 2021.

Methods to Fix AOL Mail Not Working With Outlook Problem

You can try the following fixes to get rid of the AOL Mail Problem with Outlook. These fixes even might help you to resolve the issue of AOL not working on Outlook 2021.

  1. Update AOL Password
  2. Examine Incoming Server Detail
  3. Update Outlook
  4. Poor Internet Connection
  5. Entered wrong Credentials
  6. Synchronize Problems

I will go through each of them in detail. You just need to check out all of them.

Solution 1: Update AOL Password

As I have already told you, the typical reason for this problem can be the change of the AOL Account Password. Therefore, you must update your AOL password and see whether this issue gets resolved or not. You can go to the account settings and update your new AOL Mail Password. It will help you to start AOL Mail working with Outlook.

Solution 2: Examine the Incoming Server Detail

If your AOL Mail is not working with Outlook, you can go to the IMAP and POP settings. A minor problem in the Incoming server stops AOL from working with Outlook. For efficient AOL Mail to Outlook synchronization, you should go with the IMAP settings.

IMAP Settings of (AOL Mail) IMAP Server:
IMAP Port Number:993
IMAP Security: SSL/TLS
IMAP Username: Your entire email address
IMAP Password: Your password
SMTP Setting of (AOL Mail) SMTP Server:
SMTP Port Number: 587
SMTP Username: Your entire email address
SMTP Password: Your password

Solution 3: Update Outlook

You should always use an updated version of MS Outlook. Sometimes, AOL is not responding with MS Outlook because you are using may be Outdated. Therefore, you must disconnect AOL Mail from Outlook and update your Outlook to the latest version. After Updating MS Outlook to the newest version, re-connect AOL to it, and it might start working accordingly. You will get rid of AOL Mail Not Working with Outlook issue.

Solution 4: Poor Internet Connection

You can check out your internet connection. There is a high chance that your internet connection is unstable, that’s why AOL not responding with Outlook. You can restart your internet connection to resolve the problem.

Solution 5: Entered Wrong Credentials

If you have entered the wrong ID and Password of your AOL account, it may lead to cause the error of AOL mail not working with Outlook. So ensure to write down the correct credentials to sync with your Microsoft Outlook account.

Solution 6: Synchronize Problems

It is connected with solution 5. If you have put the wrong credentials, you need to update both sides’ passwords, AOL account, and MS Outlook. So make sure to fill in the credentials very carefully.

Even after synchronizing problems are not solved yet you can do a backup of the entire AOL mailbox. For doing a backup, you can go with the Sysinfo AOL Backup Tool. All the emails in the AOL account will be imported to Outlook and you will get rid of the AOL Not Working with Outlook issue. You can also save AOL email to computer by using this utility.

Let’s Wind Up!

I am here to sum up all topics discussed in the above technical guide and hope you got enough information from it. There are multiple reasons why AOL mail not working with Outlook. If you try the above fixes then it might resolve your issue.

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