2 Easy Ways to Import MS Outlook PST File to Gmail

The well-renowned Google provides an Email service known as Gmail. Almost everyone has a Gmail account for Email Registrations and various other purposes. The PST file is an Outlook data file that is created by MS Outlook, it is used to store crucial data of your mailbox like Emails, messages, attachments, and other Outlook Items. In this blog, we would be discussing the need to Migrate PST files to Gmail and the Manual and Professional tool i.e.,  Sysinfo PST Converter to Import PST file to Gmail.

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Why it has Become Necessary to Import PST Files to Gmail?

Some advantages of Gmail over PST files are discussed below:

  • Gmail Offers a humongous storage that assists the user in storing Important emails for free.
  •  A single Gmail ID allows users to take advantage of various applications like Meet, Chat, Contacts, Drive etc.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and is free.
  • Gmail can be accessed on any device without any hassle.

Now as we have understood the need to import PST File to Gmail. The following article would highlight the various methods to migrate PST file to Gmail. It would give the reader insight and knowledge about these methods.

Methods to Move All Emails from a PST File to Gmail

There are two ways that can help you to import all data from a PST file to your Gmail account. You can choose any method and perform the PST to Gmail migration.

  • Configure Gmail in Outlook to Move PST Emails
  • Use SysInfo PST Converter Tool and Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook

Configure Gmail in Outlook to Move PST Emails

If we discus the manual method then there are two major steps involved in it. Firstly, you will have to modify the settings of your Gmail account and then configure your Gmail account in Outlook.

Step 1: Modify Gmail Account Settings:

  • Sign-In to your Gmail Account.
  • Left-Click on the Gear Icon on the top-left.
  • Now, press See All Settings.
  • Left-Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • In the IMAP access section left-click on Enable IMAP.
  • Now left-click on Save Changes.
  • Visit URL – www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps. Turn On the option for less secure apps.

Step 2: Configure Gmail in Outlook

After Step 1 launch your Outlook Application.

  • Left-Click on File and press on Add Account.
  • Enter your Email address and press Connect.
  • Press on Connect, after Entering your Password.
  • Outlook will confirm the successful configuration of your Gmail Account. Click on Done.

After Following Step 1 and Step 2, you will successfully Migrate the PST file to Gmail. However, this method has its drawbacks which make it less popular. Some of the Drawbacks are mentioned below:

  • Extensive and Tardy process.
  • Full Technical knowledge is required to implement the steps with perfection.
  • Any misstep can result in data loss.

To Tackle these issues professionals recommend automated processes. The automated process is hassle-free and efficient.

Use SysInfo PST Converter Tool and Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook

If you want to directly import the PST file to Gmail without MS Outlook then you can use the Sysinfo PST Converter. This software allows you to migrate all PST data to your Gmail account without MS Outlook installation.

  • Install and Run SysInfo PST Converter Tool.
  • The software Wizard will be showing 2 options Single/Multiple Files and Select Folder. Select your Desired option.
  • Now, Click on Next.
  • Left-Click on Select Files/Select Folder, and add the files.
  • All the Files/Folders will be represented in a Tree-Structured format.
  • Select the Emails/Folders that you want to migrate from PST file to Gmail and Click on Next.
  • In Saves/Backup/Migrate As Select Gmail.
  • Enter your Gmail Email Address and third-party app password, and click on Sign In.
  • Lastly, Click on Convert and to import your PST files into Gmail.

SysInfo PST Converter Tool is recommended by experts. It provides the user with many features.

  • Remove duplicate emails.
  • Allow bulk conversion at once.
  • It has a self-explanatory Interface.
  • Maintains the hierarchy of the files and folders.

Final Verdict

We are sure that this blog has made the readers more knowledgeable. The Methods discussed are verified and tested by our experts. Each method has its drawbacks and advantages. Users who want to Import PST file to Gmail with efficiency and no data loss can use the SysInfo PST Converter Tool.

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