Top 5 Best Office 365 Backup Solutions- Expert Suggested

Summary – Microsoft 365 is widely used by large and small businesses. As all of us know that Microsoft 365 is the preeminent cloud solution that manages all data, and aids in optimizing operations effectively. In this further blog, we’ll recommend the top 5 best Office 365 Backup Solutions that is offered by various software providers.

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Reasons Why Users Need the Best Office 365 Backup Solutions?

The cost of the file that carries data may be Millions of Dollars. And there is a serious risk that your secure data may be lost. So, the question from all is why we need an Office 365 backup tool. The following reasons or situations will easily convince that what is the need.

  • Due to power interruptions and service disturbances, Microsoft may lead to downtime. And it causes a loss of heavy data.
  • Account in MS Office 365 leads to the deletion of all data on that particular account. There are many reasons why an O365 account can be deleted:
  • From exporting data to another account.
  • To save money on the license when the employee is on leave.
  • Service of incense is on end.
  • The backup and recovery tools of o365 are very limited.

However, we’ve discussed why we need an office 365 backup Solutions. After that, we have created a list for you of the Top 5 Best Office 365 Backup Software. So that, you can easily choose which is the best software.

Top 5 Best Office 365 Backup and Migration Software

Here, you can easily see the best Office 365 backup solutions comparison in the table. Through this, you can easily choose any O365 backup tool. All of them are reviewed by professionals and you can easily check their striking features and prices before finalizing any software.

Office 365 Backup Tool Conversion Percentage Key Features Price
Office 365 Backup Tool
Backups 100% Data It shows an enhanced preview of the mailbox folders of the O365 account. $99
MailConverterTools Office 365 Backup Tool Backups 97% Data It is the two-in-one solution for both Backup & Restore that offers a feature to restore multiple PST or OST into O365 accounts. $99
Aryson Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool Backups 98% Data It offers Assign Impersonation Rights (AIR) options to back up all the mailboxes of multiple accounts of Office 365. $99
DRS Softech Office 365 Email Backup Tool Backups 95% Data It provides an option that aids to remove duplicate emails to avoid unnecessary emails. $99
Cigati Office 365 Email Backup Tool Backups 95% Data It allows you to select the naming format of the resulting backup using the feature of the Naming Convention. $99

Sysinfo Office 365 Backup Tool

It is a safe and trustworthy office 365 backup utility for all users which helps them to save or download mailbox emails into their local drive.

Pros –

  • The Microsoft office 365 email backup tool scans the added account of MS Office 365 and helps to reconstruct the mailbox contents in the tree-structure form.
  • By using this free office 365 backup tool, you‘ll get to know how to take backups of in-place archive mailboxes, user groups, shared mailboxes & public folder data.
  • There is a feature of the Assign Impersonation Rights, where you can easily open multiple Office 365 mailboxes at a time.

Cons –

  • It backup only first 50 items per folder DOC, PNG, DOCM, HTML, JPG, and TIFF.

MailConverterTools Office 365 Backup Tool

It is a powerful and risk-free solution that helps to back up the O365 mailbox to EML, PST, PDF, and other file formats also. This Office 365 Backup Tool is designed with multiple advanced features.

Pros –

  • It has the option to split the resultant file or heavy file in MB or GB by entering the size not mechanically.
  • This utility backup Office 365 mailbox to PST format efficiently.
  • The tool has the prime feature which aids to remove duplicate files for excluding duplicate emails.
  • It has the other option – Smart Mail Filter which helps you to migrate selective emails.

Cons –

  • It backups only 50 items per folder of the Primary & In-Place Archive mailbox and Public Folder.
  • It imports AOL, IMAP, Hotmail, etc., only 50 items per folder.

Aryson Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool

It is the Best Office 365 Backup Solutions which allows you to take backups and restore mailboxes of OST or PST.

Pros –

  • Users can easily import multiple Outlook PST files at a time. As it helps to save time and manual hassle to import Outlook data.
  • CSV files are the best to store and handle data. It offers a great way to store all the information related to the backup or restore process in the CSV file.
  • There is a feature to filter emails using data range which takes two parameters from starting and ending date.

Cons –

  • It can back up only 50 first elements in Office 365.

DRS Office 365 Email Backup Tool

It is the one-stop solution that aids to restore and backup your mailbox O365 data. Pros –

  • It is a safe and trustworthy software that helps to transform and recovers mailbox data.
  • In this, there is an interactive GUI and easily compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • There are two different options – Mail Filter and Task Filter which aid in eliminating emails.

Cons –

  • It cannot store more than 50 files in the mailbox of Office 365 from PST File.

Cigati Office 365 Email Backup Tool

It saves mailbox data from Office 365 accounts to different file formats like PST, MSG, JSON, DOCM, PDF, TXT, MHTML, EML, and so on. So, users can easily utilize this backup tool to access the data in times of data crisis.

Pros –

  • It helps to export to different email clients.
  • The tool allows the users to use the impersonation rights feature.
  • It helps to exclude duplicate emails.
  • You can only save 50 emails in the file format of PDF, EML, MSG, etc.
  • Users can only restore the data of 50 files of OST and PST into O365.

Let’s Wrap Up!

In this blog, our professionals have recommended us the 5 best Office 365 Backup Solutions. It totally depends upon you what software you will choose for your future benefit.

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