Easy Method to Fix Google Drive Internal Server Error 500

“Suddenly, I get Google Drive Internal Server Error 500 whenever trying to download a file from my Google Drive. To troubleshoot this, I have deleted my file and uploaded it again but am still unable to save it.” Well, this article is for you. Here, you will find the multiple approaches to troubleshoot Google drive internal server error 500 successfully.

Google Drive is a safe and risk-free cloud storage platform that allows users to save their personal & professional data securely. It can offer 15 GB of free storage space for every user account to store data in them. But, even after a top-rated and awarded product in the field of cloud storage, it contains multiple common issues, which can frustrate users sometimes.

Generally, the web app is easy to use and can launch well on your browser as long as you have a stable internet. But sometimes, this Google Drive Error 500 occurs when you access your Google Drive via the web app. It will also arise due to server-side issues.

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When Does Google Drive Internal Server Error 500 Occurs

There is not any particular reason behind this error. Perhaps the most common reasons are mentioned below:

  • Issue occurs while synchronization of the user account in Google Drive is not proper.
  • If the Google Drive server is down, then there is a possibility to face this error.
  • Occurrence of an error on the user end due to that, this issue will pop up on the screen.

As the above-mentioned factors do not provide effective solutions to overcome this. Let us move forward on the solution part and resolve the: Google drive internal server error 500.

How to Fix Google Drive Error 500?

There are different approaches to fix this Google Drive server error 500. So, to-do-so follow and perform the steps of each solution correctly.

Approach 1: Refresh the Web Page

If you are using Google Drive via the web app, it will be suggested to reload the web page by clicking on the Reload button at your open browser. The refresh button is present at the left of the web browser window.

In addition, if you are accessing Google Drive on the web browser, you can reload the web page by tapping the Ctrl+F5 button.

Approach 2: Try an Alternate Drive URL

When you did not access Google Drive on your open web browser with the original URL, you will also try another URL to access your Google Drive as well. According to some experts users statements: they will troubleshoot this error by using an alternate URL mentioned below:

Opt with the above URL address and paste it on your web browser to access Google Drive perfectly. Verify the issue is fixed or not.

Approach 3: Clear Caches From the Browser

There is an occurrence of error due to cache present in the memory of the web browser. Thus to fix this, you will have to clear the cache from your Web browser continuously. Follow the steps mentioned to clear the cache:

  • Select the Ctrl+Shift+Delete button and click on it to open the Clear browsing data page:
  • Opt with the All time option from the drop-down list of Time Range.
  • You can also choose the Cached images and files option or go through for options to clear the entire browsing data.
  • After performing the proper selection, click the Clear Data button.
  • The cache will be clear from the browser. Also, there is the possibility that you did not receive Google Drive error 500 again.

Approach 4: Shift to Another Browser

It will be suggested to access Google Drive on the Google browser. But sometimes, due to issues appearing on the chrome browser. You can opt for another web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Opera, etc. These all browsers are fully supported with Google Drive. Therefore, check the different available options and verify if the error is fixed or not.

Approach 5: Use Google Drive On the Incognito Window

When you use the Incognito mode to perform your search query, it will clear the temporary data captured by the system you’re using. It will also erase the browser history without compromising security. Thus, accessing Google Drive via the Incognito browser will mighty remove your Google drive internal server error 500. Follow the below steps to use Incognito mode in your browser:

  • Select the three-dot icon in your browser to open the menu options.
  • Opt with third-option: New Incognito Window from the drop-down.
  • A new wizard with Incognito mode will appear on your screen.
  • Hence, try to use Google Drive from here and see if the error is resolved or not.

Approach 6: Check Your Firewall Proxy Settings

The firewall and proxy settings of your web browser may affect the connection. Therefore, you will have to check your firewall and proxy settings.

  1. Open Google Chrome as an administrator.
  2. Tap on the 3-dot icon present at the browser’s top-right corner and choose Settings from the drop-down.
  3. Move to the proxy settings section under the System section, select the Open your computer’s proxy settings, and click on it.
  4. Go through with the Automatically detect settings option. Moreover, check the checkbox before opting for the feature.
  5. Finally, to complete the process, click on the OK button. In addition, perform the same thing in another wizard as well to complete the steps.

Approach 7: Check If Google Drive Is Gets Down

If none of the mentioned approaches work, you should also have to check Google Services. In case the Google services and server go down. Thus in this situation, most of the Google applications do not work correctly. In addition, one is not able to access any data.

Now, to verify the Google service is down or not, you will have to open the G Suite Status Dashboard page. If it shows all the suites with the green button, then it means things are normal. However, if it displays the red indication, the server is down.

Thus wait for some time till Google fixes their issue. Lastly, you will not face the Google drive internal server error 500 at all.

Approach 8: How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error Via Professional Software

The above-mentioned approaches can help you troubleshoot Google Drive error 500 quickly. But, these days, some users cannot do so and want to perform the backup process as soon as possible. Therefore, they can opt for the SysInfo Gmail Backup Tool as well. The Software is safe and reliable to backup Google Drive data into the local drive with ease. Moreover, it also permits users to save and migrate Gmail emails into different file formats and email clients like PST, PDF, DOC, Offic3 365, THunderbird, AOL, etc.

Final Words

Google Drive is a multi-featured platform that permits you to store your personal & professional data with maximum security. Often users encounter some errors that make the data files inaccessible. Google drive internal server error 500is one of them. With the help of a manual solution, you can troubleshoot this error. This article will also suggest you the automated utility to backup Google Drive data.

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