Top Methods to Migrate Office 365 to G suite

Synopsis: In this blog post, we will discuss the best methods to migrate Office 365 to G suite.

Sometimes, a situation may arise that the user wishes to switch the entire mailbox to another email client such as G suite. Office 365 and G suite are both cloud base clients. G suite is a faster service as Google stores the data in the cloud by dividing it into many pieces. So, when you log in to the account, all the data pieces are brought together, making it a faster tool.

Whereas the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service acts a bit differently as clients can save their data on a specific site, thereby slowing down its speed.

G suite is best when you want to work online and its maximum features are based on collaboration and convenience. Whereas, Office 365 is designed for both cloud and desktop usage and provides maximum features.

Whenever you decide to move from Office 365 to G Suite, you will need to determine how to move your data. In-Office 365, you probably have email, contacts, and calendar data you want to keep. It might consist of all sorts of Office-format files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, images, video files, etc.

More often, you’ll want to move your existing email, contacts, calendars, and files from Office 365 to G Suite,then you can go to the Google’s support pages. You can also see the below give pages for exporting Office 365 mailbox to G suite.

Why you need to Migrate Office 365 Documents to Google Suite?

There are many causes that cause users to transfer Office 365 docs to Google Apps. Some of them are given below:

1.Storage Space

Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage service that comes with the Google account. This 15 GB is sufficient for normal users. However, if this storage space is not enough then, Google offers storage plan such as 1 TB for $9.99 and so on. 

Office 365 OneDrive provides 5 GB of free storage service which is too less as compared to Google Drive. However, the storage subscription plan of  Office 365 OneDrive is more budget-friendly than G Suite Google Drive. But, the annual discounts offered by Google Drive are such as users will have to pay annually Rs. 1,300 per year (or $19.99) for the 100GB option, and Rs. 6,500 per year ($99.99) for the 1TB option. So, these prices are way more than the prices offered by Google drive.

2.File Size Synchronization

In normal terms, file size synchronization means the maximum file size limit that a person can upload or sync. The Office 365 OneDrive offers the maximum file size limit of 10 GB. Whereas the file size limit offered by Google Drive is 5 TB. Therefore, in this feature, Google Drive is more advantageous from the business point of view. Hence, this is another reason that causes people to migrate Office 365 docs to Google Apps.

3.Security Factor

Google Drive encrypts the data file using TLS and 256 bit AES encryption algorithm which is too tough for a supercomputer to decrypt these algorithms. Also, Google provides two-factor authentication, which protects the user when the password is stolen. While in the case of OneDrive people face many security issues. It’s because, in OneDrive, the business files are encrypted while other files remain plain text. During the transmission, files are encrypted but at Microsoft Server, it remains unencrypted. This is the other main reason behind people transferring Exchange Online documents to Google Apps.


Benchmarking proved that G Suite is much faster when it comes to speed. Accessing documents, sending, receiving, and previewing attachments, and all other processes work faster in G Suite as compared to Office 365.

5.Better mobility

You don’t need to have a high speed and powerful system to use G Suite and all its features as is the case with Office 365. You can work and access files from any device because it runs on a browser and requires no prior installation. Besides, you lose almost no data by working on the go from your smartphone These features are not available with Office 365.

6.Better integrity

You can open and edit documents directly from your mailbox. You’ll see all edits in real-time and there is no delay or need to open separate app for this. This can’t happen in Office 365 as you cannot have real-time updates.

Methods to Migrate Office 365 to G suite

To start a migration, sign in to the G Suite admin console as a super administrator at in desktop Chrome, then choose Data Migration. You’ll also need to have already configured G Suite accounts—the source and destination accounts both need to exist.

Note: The Data Migration Service won’t create accounts—it just moves data from one account to another.

Method 1.Manual Methods for Moving Office 365 Documents to G Suite

You can follow the simple steps to migrate Office 365 docs to Google Apps 

  • Open the Office 365 OneDrive account and log in
  • Choose the documents/ data that you want to migrate from OneDrive to Google Drive
  • Click on the Download button and wait for the process to complete
  • Next, log in to Google Drive
  • Click on the “Upload Files” option under My Drive menu
  • Finally, the process of moving Office 365 documents to G Suite is complete and you can view the files.

Limitations of this Manual Method 

  • This manual solution is not applicable for large files
  • The time-consuming process to download and upload a large amount of data
  • You need High-speed Internet connectivity
  • Chances of file corruption

Method 2. By using Office 365 to G suite Migration Tool

If you are a large number of files or have large files for migration, then you can try the Office 365 backup and Restore Tool by SysInfoTools. This method will save a lot of time and is the best method for Office 365 file migration.

You can follow the steps given below, to perform the transfer of files.

1. Start by launching the Office 365 Backup Tool.

Professional method to migrate office 365 to Gsuite

2. Enter the credentials of Office 365 and login to the account.

Transfer Office 365 files to Gsuite

3. Choose the file format you wish to save the files. For example, in this case, choose G suite.

4. Apply Date Range Feature and Naming Convention option.

5. At the end, you will see a confirmation message

To Sum Up

I have explained both the manual and professional methods to migrate Office 365 to G suite. This way you can export all the files, ppt, docs, pdfs, etc effectively. Now it is up to you to decide which method suits you well according to your data migration needs.

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