3 Best Conversion Process to Convert EML Files to PST

This technical guide explains the best and most reliable methods to convert EML to PST with manual and professional approaches. Let’s examine each technique in greater detail so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

We are aware that the.eml format is used to store emails when they are saved from Gmail or Thunderbird email clients. Although there is a format for saving just one email message, if you have a large number of emails to save, it becomes a difficult task for you. Outlook, however, gives you the option to save an entire folder at once. You can save your complete mailbox to PST in Outlook. Therefore, many users want to change their EML files to Outlook PST. So, in the next section, we will unleash the methods to convert EML files into PST with two manual methods and a third-party utility i.e. EML to PST Converter Tool.

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How to Convert EML to PST?

There are different methods available for this conversion. You can choose the best approach for you accordingly.

Method 1: Change EML to PST in Offline Outlook

This process functions in two phases.

Stage 1: Drop the EML files into Outlook.

Stage 2:  Convert EML files to PST Using Import/Export Wizard

Let’s go over each stage in more detail.

Stage 1: Drop the EML files into Outlook

  • Navigate to the location where EML files are saved.
  • Open the Outlook application simultaneously.
  • Select the file and start dragging it.
  • Drop it into the desired folder in Outlook.

Note: You can create a new folder to save EML files in Outlook. So that, you can easily fetch the EML files in your Outlook profile.

In this way, your EML files insert into Outlook. Now use the next stage to convert EML to PST.

Stage 2: Convert EML files to PST Using Import/Export Wizard

  • Go to the File tab > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • Select Export to File from the menu, then select Next.
  • Choose the saving format as Outlook Data File (.pst) from the list of choices.
  • Select the EML folder to export in PST format.
  • Assign the name and destination for the resultant EML file.
  • At last, click the Finish button.

In this way, your selected EML files will convert into PST format. If you are not satisfied with this method, you can choose the subsequent workaround.

Method 2: Export EML to PST Using Windows Outlook Express

Follow the below steps to execute this method.

  • Start Microsoft Outlook Express and move to the File tab.
  • From the list of options, select Open and Export and move to Import/Export.
  • Following, choose Import Internal Mail and Addresses, then Outlook Express.
  • At last, click the Finish button, and your added EML files will start viewing in Outlook.

The two methods mentioned above allow you to convert EML to PST. Even though these techniques call for technical expertise, we advise against using them if you are a novice. Furthermore, you don’t have the option to change multiple EML files to PST at once. Additionally, a single wrong step will put your data in the trash. But with just a few simple steps, you can protect your data. Let’s take a closer look.

Method 3: Convert Outlook EML to PST With an Easy Approach

Sysinfo EML to PST Converter is a one-stop solution for all EML files and allows its users to convert single or multiple EML files with attachments and folders to Outlook PST in a single go. You also have the option to use all of its sophisticated features together in a single utility. It also convert EML to PDF, MBOX, CSV, and other formats. You can start this conversion by managing the available features of the tool. Its interactive GUI is designed in such a way, that even novice users can perform this migration without having any technical knowledge. Additionally, you can batch-transfer your EML files into the PST without worrying about data loss.


In this technical article, we learned handy methods to convert EML to PST. The traditional methods, however, are unsafe and put your data at risk. On the other hand, a professional tool is simple to use and enables non-technical users to convert EML files to MS Outlook PST without any fear of data loss.

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