A Helping  Guide to Convert EML to PDF With Attachments

User Query – Nowadays, I am using Windows Live Mail, which supports EML files. I need to back up all files before it gets corrupted or inaccessible data. Therefore, I am looking for a solution to convert EML to PDF with attachments. Moreover, PDF files are more reliable than other file formats. 

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From the above query, this blog will tell you solutions for batch conversion of EML files to PDF files. I am here, will help you to save EML as PDF files along with the attachments. In addition, you can do direct conversion of EML files to PDF files through Sysinfo EML Converter

EML VS PDF- Check the Major Differences and Need for Conversion

Basis EML Files PDF Files Price
Definition EML stands for Electronic Mail used to save emails in plain text format so that any users can easily store mail data in the different email applications. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which stores various data, like text, images, fonts, etc., in the same format.
Compatible with Any Platform EML Files are not compatible to run on any platform as it is file format of various email clients. PDF is a much more compatible file format that it can run on any platform.
Automated tool EML Converter PDF Recovery

From the above table, it is much clear the difference between files of EML and PDF. Moving ahead, I will discuss reasons why users are willing to convert EML to PDF with attachments. 

Why do Users Want to Export EML to PDF?

There are several reasons to save EML as PDF, and some of them are highlighted below:

  • To save the emails in PDF file format for future reference.
  • PDF is the most portable and independent file format, which can access on any system.
  • Through the conversion of emails into PDF file format, one can able to access those emails offline mode. 
  • PDF format offers safety and security by offering encryption and other useful features such as a watermark.

Therefore, I have mentioned some reasons to convert EML file to PDF files. In addition, I will talk about the conversion procedure for the batch convert EML to PDF files. 

Tested Methods to Convert EML to PDF With Attachments

I will go through the various procedures besides this you can opt for the reliable method that will discuss further. You just need to understand and follow the process.

  1. Reliable solution to Save EML as PDF
  2. Export EML to PDF through MS Word 
  3. Convert EML file to PDF by Using Mozilla Thunderbird 
  4. Convert EML to PDF with attachments through MS Outlook 

Right now, I have given you an overview of all the methods that will discuss further. Firstly, I will start with the shortcut method, which will help you in the conversion process. 

Method 1: Reliable solution to Save EML as PDF

Sysinfo EML Converter is the software, which I was talking about in the previous section. It is the most trustworthy and comprehensive software that helps users to convert EML to PDF with attachments. Even users are allowed to do batch conversion of EML files into PDF file format without losing the crucial data. There is a feature to remove duplicate emails of EML files from the desired folders. Further, I will go through the steps for having a better understanding.  


  • Install and run the software and choose the Single file or Multiple file option. Click on the Next button.
  • You can preview your desired EML files. 
  • Now, select the saving option as PDF from the drop-down list. 
  • Moving ahead, you can also opt for the additional features as per your requirement. 
  • After that, click on the path to save and Convert button. 

In the end, your chosen EML file will be converted into PDF file format. Additionally, this method has some advantages that will help you to understand this procedure efficiently. 

When you use this utility, you will be able to perform in a few minutes. In simple words, it does not require too much time. Also, you do not need technical knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, or Thunderbird. Furthermore, I will discuss other methods for having more understanding. 

Method 2: Export EML to PDF through MS Word

Usually, Manual techniques are the process by which users manually perform all the steps without the help of utilities. But these methods are too long and time-consuming. In this section, I will export EML files to PDF format through MS Word. Just follow the below procedure.

  • First, navigate to the file explorer where your chosen or desired EML files are saved.
  • After that, choose an EML file at a single time, right-click > Open With
  • Right now, You can opt for Microsoft Word to open the desired EML file.
  • Then, you require to download the EML file in PDF format. 
  • Furthermore, click the File > Save As option.
  • Lastly, click on the File Format option, and choose PDF > Export Under the Export Format.

Method 3: Convert EML file to PDF by Using Mozilla Thunderbird

If you are a windows user, then you can install the Thunderbird email client with the Import ExportTools extension in your system to convert all the mail items in the PSF file format. So, apart from this one can use the methods, but I will provide you with all the quality methods to convert the EML file. You can follow the steps to convert EML to PDF with attachments:

  • Initially, Install Thunderbird ImportExportTools Extension.
  • Choose the Folder from the Inbox, Draft, Sent, and Trash. Then click the right mouse button.
  • Click on the ImportExportTools then on Export all messages in the folder.
  • Then, you need to select the PDF format. 

Method 4: Convert EML to PDF With Attachments Through MS Outlook

  • Open MS Outlook on your local system.
  • Then, choose EML files and take out and drop the files in MS Outlook.
  • After that, click on the File > Print option from the left-hand panel.
  • Now, Click on the Print Options > Print tab.
  • Here, choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the Print option to save the EML file that includes email messages as PDFs.
  • In the end, Locate the name and path of the file. Click on the Save button. 


Here, I am going to finish up all the things and hope you have got sufficient knowledge from it. In this blog, I have discussed the brief introduction of EML files and PDF files. Moving ahead, I have discussed different methods to convert EML to PDF with attachments. You can opt for any of them.  

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