How to convert EML to PDF file format?

Many users nowadays are searching for the perfect solutions to convert EML to PDF file format. Are you also one of them? Well! Don’t worry, as in this technical guide we will provide you with the best solutions by which one can easily be able to convert their emails from EML to PDF file format. Just follow this technical guide to know “How do I open an EML file in PDF” or “How to convert EML to PDF without the software?”.

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Let’s start with the user query:
“Hello, I am David. I need to convert the EML file to PDF file format because I have to show some of my emails which are in EML file format in the presentation but for that, I need to convert those emails to the pdf file format. Any technical expert please provide me with the best approach to do this conversion.” 

Before starting the methods let’s know what is EML and PDF file format in brief. Let’s know what is EML file format first:

What is the EML file format?

EML stands for Electronic Mail used to save emails in plain text format so that one can easily store its mail data in the different email applications. EML file format is widely supported by different-different email applications like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Window Mail, Window Live Mail, etc.

What is the PDF file format?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format which is used to store different data like text, images, hyperlinks, videos, fonts, etc. in the same format even without changing the hierarchy of the files and data items. It is a much more compatible file format that it can easily run on any platform and this is the plus point of this format. The concept of PDF file is developed by Adobe. It is used to save different file formats that can be of any length with an unlimited number of fonts and images. PDF is specially developed to create e-books in lightweight versions.

Why do people want to convert EML to PDF with attachments?

There are several reasons to save EML as PDF and some of them are mentioned below:

  • To save the mails in PDF file format for future reference.
  • PDF is the most portable and independent file format which can easily be accessed on any system.
  • Through the conversion of emails into the PDF file format, one can able to access those emails offline mode. 
  • PDF format offers safety and security by offering encryption and other useful features such as a watermark etc.

Ways to Convert the EML to PDF File Format 

There are two different ways to convert the EML file to PDF file format i.e.,

  1. Manual Ways
  2. Professional Ways 

Let’s start to convert the EML file to the PDF file format with the help of manual methods first.

Manual Ways to Convert the EML to PDF File 

Manual techniques are the process by which users manually perform all the steps without the help of utilities. But these methods are too long and time-consuming. But apart from this, these are the free method to convert the EML to PDF without software.
So, without wasting your more time lets initiates the steps for this conversion.

Save Emails Using the Thunderbird Email Client

If you are a windows user then you can install the Thunderbird email client with the Import ExportTools extension in your system in order to convert all the mail items in the PSF file format. So, apart from this one can use the methods but we will provide you all the quality methods to convert the EML file.

Follow the steps to convert EML to PDF format:

For the selected folder:

  1. Initially, Install Thunderbird ImportExportTools Extension.
  2. Choose the Folder from the Inbox, Draft, Sent, Trash and then click the right mouse button.
  3. Click on the ImportExportTools then on the Export all messages in the folder.
  4.  Then, you need to select the PDF format.

For the selected Messages:

  1. Initially, choose the desired messages.
  2. Right-click on those messages, then choose selected messages.
  3. Then, hit on the PDF format.
  4. Click on the Browse button.
  5. Choose the location to save your messages.
  6. Finally, choose the selected folder and then on PDF format.

By performing all these steps accurately, you can be able to convert EML File to PDF. But what if these manual method fails to do? So continue reading to deal with this situation very efficiently.

What to do at the time of Failure of Manual Methods?

This method can sometimes fail when the user wants to change EML to PDF with attachments. Also, if a user needs to convert their separate emails in the PDF file format then they need to drag and drop each mail into the Thunderbird account. Hence, in such a situation user needs an alternate method to perform this conversion. 

Now, come to the second and alternate methods to perform this conversion i.e., by using the Professional Methods.

Professional Ways to Export EML Files to PDF File 

The professional method is one of the widely used practices by professionals to Convert EML to PDF file format. Follow the steps given below to convert their emails into the PDF file format:

  1. Download and launch the utility.
  2. Click on the Add File button.
  3. Then add the desired files.
  4. Then set the Saving option as PDF.
  5. Click on the Save button.

Note: After performing all these steps successfully, one can convert their EML files in PDF file format. 

Why do we prefer Professional Methods over Manual methods?

Professional methods provide much independence in conversion with ease. So, the benefits of using Professional tools are: 

  1. Easy to convert the EML files into the other formats too like EMLX, PDF, PST, MBOX, MHT, HTML, and others too.
  2. It supports the conversion of emails in the bulk. So users now not need to follow the drag and drop method.
  3. Users can also able to migrate EML files to PDF format with attachments.
  4. It is easy to use this utility in comparison to manual methods.

Wrap Up

In this technical guide, one can get to know the techniques to Convert EML to PDF with attachments. There are two best efficient techniques given in this guide to convert the email format i.e., Manual techniques as well as Professional Techniques. It is suggested to the user to convert their emails with the help of manual methods when they do not want to convert their important mails but if we talk about privacy and fast conversion then there is a suggestion of EML Converter. So, use these tools to efficiently do this conversion, and hence the conversion becomes safe and more powerful. 

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