Efficient Migration from Thunderbird to Office 365: Best Practices

Email migration is quite a challenging task. Several organizations use different strategies to perform Thunderbird to Office 365 migration. Any organization that undertakes it typically needs to export thousands of bulky mailboxes from one platform to another. In addition to the hurdles and risks involved, format incompatibilities between the source and destination platforms play a necessary factor.

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In an upcoming guide, we will discuss several solutions to import Thunderbird to Office 365. Also, we will mention a reliable method, Sysinfo Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter. It will help users to transfer Thunderbird emails to O365 efficiently. But before jumping to the solutions, you should know the difference between both email clients.

Difference Between Mozilla Thunderbird And Microsoft 365

Basis Mozilla Thunderbird Microsoft Outlook 365
Definition Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client designed in a way to handle accounts and conversations adequately. Microsoft 365 or Office 365 is a family product that collaborates with various cloud-based services.
Deployment On-premise Cloud-based
Price It is a free email application. $6.99 per month
  • Users will get alerts or notifications in this application.
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Contact Management
  • Inbox Management
  • Signature Management
  • @mentions
  • Address Book
  • Appointment Management
  • Calendar/Reminder
  • System Data Synchronisation
Accessibility in Offline Mode Users can effortlessly run Thunderbird in an offline mode. Office 365 users can not run the application without an Internet connection. In other words, nobody can’t access any Microsoft application.

How to Perform The Thunderbird to Office 365 Migration Process?

We have several procedures to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365. You just need to read the entire blog to get your answer.

  1. Transfer Thunderbird Mails to O365 efficiently
  2. Import Thunderbird to Office 365 Manually

Method 1: Transfer Thunderbird Mails to O365 Efficiently

SysInfo Thunderbird Backup Tool is a comprehensive and trustworthy software that aids users in backing up all mailboxes to O365. It exports all mailbox data like sent items, emails, and attachments to Office 365 effortlessly. Additionally, you can preview your desired files in a preview panel. It will assist users in migrating Thunderbird emails to O365 in bulk and without data loss. Now, we will learn the steps which will clear all your doubts. Steps: 

  • Download and run the Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter Tool on your local PC or Laptop.
  • Make sure you have the Thunderbird Application installed on your PC. The software will add Thunderbird Emails automatically. Click on Next to continue.
  • After that, choose the desired folders in the preview panel and Mark Emails> Next button to continue.
  • Then, select Office 365 from the drop-down list and authenticate the login process.
  • In the end, click on the Convert button for the Thunderbird to Office 365 migration process.

Here, we have gone through the direct or shortcut method to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365. You have seen that the above steps do not require technical expertise. In addition, it converts your Thunderbird emails to O365 in four stages. If you have the technical expertise and knowledge of both email clients, you should go with the manual procedure.

Method 2: Import Thunderbird to Office 365 Manually

We will sync the O365 account in Thunderbird. Follow the below steps to configure the O365 account to Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Open the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your local screen and select Tools
    thunderbird to office 365 migration
  • Then, choose the Account Settings option from the drop-down list.
  • Thereafter, click the Account Actions to proceed further.
    thunderbird to office 365 migration
  • Moving ahead, select Add Mail Account.
  • After that, mention the O365 credentials > Continue the process.
     thunderbird to office 365 migration
  • Make sure to go with the Configure manually option to avoid a problem.
  • Moving ahead, mention the IMAP and SMTP details in the new Mail Account Setup Window.
  • Further, click the Done button > Retest button to continue the Thunderbird to Office 365 migration process.
  • Wait a while to get configured all mailbox items of O365 with Thunderbird.
  • Afterwards, apply the drag and drop method to paste entire data into Office 365 folders.
  • Lastly, click on Tools > Account Settings > Account Actions > Remove Account option to delete 0365 account.

We have mentioned all possible ways to import Thunderbird to Office 365. Here, you have seen that the manual method consumes too much energy, time, and effort. Additionally, there are high chances of failing the manual procedure during the conversion process. The worst part of the manual solution is to repeat all steps, again and again, until you have imported your Thunderbird data to O365.

Time to Wrap Up!

Here, we have discussed several topics. But firstly, we highlight the difference between Thunderbird and O365 email clients to clear all your doubts. After that, we mentioned two ways for the Thunderbird to Office 365 migration process. The first method we have done is through the third-party utility, and the second one is accomplished manually. You can opt for any of them.

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