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What else is more important than computer data? More and more people around the world are using computers in these days. We can store photos, videos, important documents and more in a computer. Being a computer user, we better know how valuable our data and files are. Most of us think that our data is safe. But that’s not true at all. We truly work hard in creating and collecting the information from here and there. Since computer data is prone to corruption and many other severe issues, it may become inaccessible or unusable at any time without any prior warning. In this blog post, I’ll show you the most common reasons for corruption. Also, you’ll learn how to perform data recovery with almost no manual efforts.

Corruption is an inevitable occurrence which may happen due to any specific or unspecific reason. When a file becomes inaccessible or you receive an error message, this means the file is corrupt. This is one of the strong symptoms of corruption.

Reasons for Corruption

There are various reasons for corruption in computer files and make them inaccessible. Sometimes corruption may also cause data loss forever. The most common reasons for corruption along with their tips are discussed below:

#1 – Virus infection

Viruses are not only harmful to a computer system but also for the data and files stored in it. It can slow down your computer which may cause frequent crashes. Also, it can make your software programs faulty or corrupt which lead to data and file corruption. Sometimes virus attacks also result in permanent data loss.

Useful tip: The best possible way to avoid virus infection is by using Antivirus software. Scan your computer system for viruses in a regular manner. Also, scan the removable storage media like external HDD, USB, etc. before opening it on your computer system.

#2 – Bugs or other deficiency

Most of the computer programs have some minor bugs or any other deficiency which may sometimes cause serious problems including software malfunction, failure, inaccessibility of data, etc. A faulty software application may also cause corruption in the files created by it.

Useful tip: Make sure you always use the new updated version of the software programs. Also, avoid using the software programs provided by the untrusted or unknown source. Such software programs have many internal bugs or malware which can cause serious damage.

#3 – Abruptly system shutdown

If a computer system is abruptly shut down, it may cause serious problems in your entire system, i.e. hardware, software as well as data and files. For an example, you’re working on a file, it’s opened on your system. Suddenly your system is turned off due to a power failure. The next time when you restart your system, you find that the file which was opened at the time of abruptly system shutdown is now inaccessible. The file is still available on your system, but you can’t access or open it due to corruption.

Useful tip: To avoid abruptly system shutdown, make sure you’re using UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device with your computer system. In the event of power outage, UPS device provides you the power backup. So that you can save your work before you can turn off your PC.

#4 – Hard disk failure

A hard disk is the major part of a computer system. It stores everything which includes software applications, data, and files. Generally, hard disk drives are prone to failure or frequent crashes due to several reasons, such as abruptly system shut down, viruses, overheating, and much more. Whenever a hard disk fails or crashes, all the data and information become inaccessible or unusable.

Useful tip: To prevent from hard disk failure, you should know the most common reasons behind it. Refer to this blog post for some useful information – Hard Disk Failure Top 5 Reasons

#5 – Software malfunction

Software malfunction occurs due to bugs attack, crash or failure in a software program which causes the incorrect or unexpected result, abnormal behavior, and data loss or corruption as well. Also, software malfunction occurs due to the collision of software applications with one another.

Useful tip: The best way to avoid software malfunction is using the new updated version of software programs. New versions have less internal bugs or no bugs than the outdated versions. Also, never download software programs from an untrusted source. It may collide with other software applications installed on your system.

#6 – Human error

Though human error comes in the last, it’s not the least one. Human errors are the mistakes made by a human which result in data loss. They include many things, such as deleting important system files, deep formatting volumes/drive, using Shift+Del for deleting items, editing/modifying files through 010 Hex editor, etc.

Useful tip: You should never do these things:

  • Deleting system files
  • Deep formatting volumes/drives (data recovery chances are less in case of deep formatting)
  • Using Shift+Del for deleting file items
  • Using 010 Hex editor to edit/modify files without having any knowledge

Use Backup Here

We can’t let our invaluable computer data be swept away at any cost. Since corruption is inevitable, we should always be ready with a valid backup. Backup is something that can help us retrieve our data which we have lost due to accidental deletion or corruption. It’s very easy to perform backup job. There’s a setting in the Control Panel that allows us to create a backup of our computer system. The two very important things we shouldn’t forget about backup:

  • A backup file can only help us restore what is inside it. So it’s better that we should take backup of almost everything.
  • Also, we shouldn’t forget to update the backup file whenever we add some new data to our computer.

In the event you don’t have any backup or the backup is invalid, you should try a professional data recovery service. There are many big names in the market which provide physical data recovery services. Even there are some vendors in the market which provide 3rd party data recovery tool. Why is it better to use a 3rd party tool instead of hiring a data recovery expert?

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Smart Data Recovery Solution 

A 3rd party data recovery tool is always a better data recovery solution. Why? If you hire a data recovery expert, he/she may charge a lot of money for data recovery operation. Also, you have to give your hard disk drive to him/her for data recovery. This means your confidential data is at high risk. Though they are professional and don’t misuse your data by any mean, still privacy is privacy. But if you opt a data recovery tool, you can perform data recovery from a corrupt/damaged hard disk by your own. There’s no need to hire a data recovery expert. Even a data recovery tool won’t cost you that much as compared to hiring a data recovery expert.

Download Windows Data Recovery provided by SysInfoTools Software. It’s one of the best data recovery tools available in the market for Windows platform. It supports both NTFS (new technology file system) and FAT (file allocation table) file systems. Also, it supports both GPT (GUID partition table) and MBR (master boot record) partition table formats. You can recover almost everything from the corrupt, formatted, infected or damaged hard disk with no manual efforts. You can use this software with ease, even if you don’t have any prior technical expertise.

Download Demo Version for Free Evaluation 

Before you can purchase the software, I strongly recommend you to download its demo version for free evaluation. Demo version will help you scan the corrupt volume/drive, and it’ll show you a preview of your data. So it’s good to see what you can actually recover from the hard disk before you can pay for the software. If you’re satisfied with the results, then only you should purchase the software.

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