Easy Tricks to Remove Password From PDF Online

When you look for ways to remove password from PDF online, you will find multiple methods. All of them are reliable and effective. You can unlock the PDF file using them. However, you have to find the most suitable technique for you. In this article, we will learn different techniques to unlock the PDF file.

PDF files store different forms of content like text, images, fonts, etc. These files have a .pdf extension. Adobe created this file format with two main objectives. First, it supports every hardware, operating system, and web browser. It ensures that you can open the file on your PC or mobile application.

Another main advantage of PDF files is that it shows the same layout on every platform. So, whether you see a particular PDF file in a system or on your mobile, the page layout will exactly be the same.

The PDF file is a document file that contains valuable information. So, it is mandatory to secure it with password protection. However, sometimes you may need to remove all PDF restrictions for free.

Methods to Remove Password from PDF Online

Unlocking the PDF file is quite simple. You can use various techniques for it. Among all the methods, some are those which do not require any additional software. You can perform these methods without any software. These are known as manual methods.

Following are the different techniques you use to remove the password from PDF files.

Using the Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service by Google. You can store different documents and files here. Additionally, you can remove the password using Google Drive. Perform the following steps to unlock the PDF file.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account and Open Google Drive.
  2. open google drive
  3. Now, drag the locked PDF file and drop it to your Google Drive.
  4. drag and drop pdf file
  5. Alternatively, you can click on New, then File Upload in Drive.
  6. Select the desired PDF file and click Open.
  7. After uploading the password-protected file, download the same file.
  8. download pdf file
  9. As you download the file, its password will get removed.

Acrobat Reader

Adobe created the PDF file format. It designs the primary platform to create and open PDF files naming Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader can perform various unique operations on PDF files. One such feature of this software is to remove password from PDF online. Follow the steps to decrypt the password-protected PDF file.

  1. Download the Adobe Acrobat and run it as administrator.
  2. Open the password-protected PDF file in the Acrobat Reader.
  3. open pdf file
  4. Click the File button and select the Properties option.
  5. click properties option
  6. Now select the Security tab in the Document Properties wizard.
  7. Choose the No security option from the Security Method menu.
  8. choose no security option
  9. Finally, download the PDF file that does not have any restrictions.

Online Password Remover

Another simple option to remove password from PDF online is using the online password remover. If you want to know how to remove PDF file password for free, it is the easiest way to unlock the PDF. This way, you can decrypt the PDF document. All you need to do is upload the locked PDF file to one such website and press a button to start decrypting. It will unlock the password from a PDF file in a short time.

Remove the PDF Password Using a Third-Party Software

All the above methods are manual and do not require any additional software. These techniques are appropriate for technical users but new users can not perform the steps. Also, they are not effective in every scenario. Sometimes, they fail to remove password from PDF online. In such cases, an automatic method is the most effective option to remove password from PDF files.

In this method, you can unlock the PDF file using Third-Party software. The PDF restriction Remover Software removes any password from a locked PDF file. It is the most effective and fast solution for both technical and non-technical users.


PDF is the widely supported document file format. Almost every computer and mobile application can read this file format. You can store all the precious information in PDF files. So, it becomes mandatory to secure it with a password. However, sometimes you may need to remove password from PDF online. In such a case, you can opt for either of the two ways. First, remove the PDF password using the manual methods. And, second, you can use third-party software to unlock the files. The latter option is known as the automatic method. The PDF Restriction Remover is an effective software to remove PDF passwords. Want to know the Topmost PDF ToolKit?? Read On!!

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