How to Convert EPUB to PDF Files Instantly?

Summary: If you want to view your EPUB files in portable document format(PDF), then learn the best method of how to convert EPUB to PDF format with a highly recommended desktop-based application. You can also use the SysInfo EPUB File Converter Tool to convert EPUB to PDF online so that you can edit your file’s data efficiently.

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What is ePUB and PDF File?

The ePUB file type is a popular file format developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). It can store words, images, tables of content, meta details, spreadsheets, and many more items. It is compatible with XHTML, XML, and CSS, as it works well with several software programs, which have helped the popularity of the EPUB format grow. Moreover, EPUB 3.2 is the latest version available for EPUB files. This format allows DRM protection to be added to a file.

On the other hand, PDF is a portable document format that is highly suggested while transferring and sharing data with others. A PDF file can be any length, contain any number of fonts and images, and is designed to enable the creation and transfer of printer-ready output. Some of the best advantages of PDF files are Graphic Integrity, Multi-Dimensional, Convenient, Secure, Compact insist users to convert EPUB to PDF format.

Why Export EPUB to PDF Format?

There are different instances where users find difficulties choosing between the EPUB and the PDF files. Here, we discuss the requirement to convert the EPUB files into PDF format. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Inbuilt Security Parameters:- The EPUB files in the PDF format get secured with multi-layered passwords that provide your document with advanced security.
  2. Option to Print PDF Document:- One can easily print their EPUB files after exporting them from EPUB to PDF. This print option is available in the PDF files to view the files in a hard copy format.
  3. Highly Compatible:- Users can access the PDF files on multiple devices at a time. You can easily open your PDF file anywhere, whether you have opened the computer, tablet, or mobile.
  4. PDF File is 100% Secure:- It offers options to set up different levels of protection on the content and the whole document, such as watermarks, passwords, or digital signatures.
  5. Convenient:- PDF files are easy to create, read and use by everyone.
  6. Graphic Integrity:- A PDF shows the same content and layout no matter which operating system, device, or software program it gets viewed.

These are the reasons why users want to convert their EPUB files into PDF format. Now, let’s move ahead to know the best method to convert EPUB to PDF format.

How to Convert EPUB to PDF File Format?

SysInfo EPUB Converter tool is the safe and best EPUB to PDF converter tool to convert your EP DOC, DOCX, XPS, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc.UB files into PDF and other saving formats like It allows you to perform the bulk conversion, i.e., Single or multiple EPUB files into PDF format.

Benefits of Using EPUB Converter Tool

  • There is no file size limitation of EPUB files during conversion.
  • Convert the EPUB files into PDF and other saving formats like DOC, DOCX, XPS, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc.
  • You can convert single and multiple EPUB files into desired saving format at a time.
  • You can also protect your PDF files with password protection.
  • Support all the versions of Windows OS like 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.
  • It offers you an option to preview your added EPUB file details.
  • Maintain the folder hierarchy and its integrity.
  • You can also define the name of the resultant folder.

Step By Step Guide to Convert EPUB to PDF format

  • Start the EPUB File Converter as an administrator on your system.
  • download epub converter
  • Click on the Add Files or Add Folder button to browse files.
  • browse file
  • Select files from your system and click Open.
  • select file click open
  • You can preview the added EPUB files name, path, size. Click Next to continue further.
  • click on next button
  • Select PDF format from the drop-down list of Select Output format.
  • select pdf file
  • Click on the Destination Path button to select the saving path for the output folder.
  • pick destination path
  • You can also assign the name of the output folder.
  • assign name for new folder
  • Check the Height and Width of the files pages option and set the criteria manually.
  • option to set height and width
  • Tap on the Set Password button to make the resultant file password-protected.
  • set password
  • It displays you two options:
  1. Set the same password for all files
  2. Set password individually files(s)
  3. advanced feature
  • Click the Start Conversion button to convert EPUB to PDF format.
  • start conversion
  • A tab pop-ups on your screen shows Conversion has been completed successfully. Click Ok.
  • process completed
  • Here, you can also download the report.
  • download report


Through this blog, we understood the EPUB and PDF files requirements. Along with that, check out the reason that leads to converting EPUB into PDF format. Therefore, we discuss the working of the best EPUB to PDF Converter Tool and its efficient features. So that you can learn how to convert EPUB to PDF.

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