Methods to Fetch Corrupted SQL Backup File

SQL Server is a database management system created by Microsoft. And it is used to store and retrieve data by other applications. SQL consists of three types of files such as MDF (Primary files), NDF (Secondary files), and LDF(log files) files. It uses for handling data in a relational database management system. Here you will get best way to fetch corrupt SQL backup file

Generally, users store data in an SQL database server, and they can easily fetch them as per their need on the websites. But sometimes, there is a chance of corruption of the SQL Backup files while users preview and access them. Here in this article, you would learn about the professional methods by which you can repair corrupt SQL backup files.

Reasons for Corruption of SQL Backup files

Many reasons which are possible for the damaging or corruption of SQL files such as:

  1. Chances of storage file corruption.
  2. By mistake, backup files are stored in compressed folders.
  3. Power failure and system shutdown while the SQL database is open.
  4. Damage issues when users upgrade their SOL versions.
  5. Attack of hackers or viruses on the BAK files.
  6. Error present in the SQL server, and when the files have opened, it gets corrupt.
  7. Deletion of data or folders header of the SQL backup files

These are some common reasons behind the corruption of SQL files. Therefore to overcome them understand the third-party tool and its proper working.

How to Repair Corrupt SQL Backup file?

To backup, repair, and restore the damaged or corrupt SQL .bak files. Let’s know about the Sysinfo SQL Backup Repair Tool, which is the best software to extract MDF and NDF files from the damaged .bak Files of the SQL Database server. Moreover, after the repair, the utility can stores them in their original form without losing the data. It is compatible with multiple SQL Server versions such as 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008.

Working of the SQL backup recovery Tool

Follows these steps to repair the SQL server corrupt backup file from the SQL database server.

  • Download and Install the Sysinfo SQL Backup Recovery Software
  • install
  • Select the .bak file from the system by clicking on the browse button.
  • choose .bkf file
  • You can also opt for the split backup files option as per your types of .bak files.
  • /li>split backup file
  • Now, choose the Scanning mode or Advanced mode as per your choices.
  • choose scanning mode
  • Then if your .bak files are compressed. Check the Is Selected files Compressed checkbox.
  • selected files compressed checkbox
  • After that, click on the browse button of Browse save location to select the destination path of the new resultant files.
  • browse location
  • Now, press on the Extract File option.
  • extract file option
  • Then select the files from the list and click Ok.
  • select file from list
  • You can preview the SQL backup file before the process of repairing starts. Click on the Save button.
  • preview the sql backup file
  • At last, click the Extract Files to start the recovery from the corrupt SQL .bak files.
  • extract file

By performing the above steps, you can easily fix the corruption of the SQL backup files. Here are top 4 Reasons for SQL database corruption 

Key Features of the Software

  1. Repairs corrupt SQL .bak Files and restore them in their original format.
  2. Software recovers MDF and NDF files from the corrupt BAK file.
  3. It also recovers SQL data from the corrupted, split, or compressed backup files.
  4. There is no file size limitation of the backup files during the recovery.
  5. Compatible with different SQL server and Windows versions.


As we understand, an SQL database server uses to storing and retrieving data by the users. It saves data in the SQL Backup files (.bak) and provides access to the users. After that, learn the different reasons behind the corruption of the BFF files. Moreover, know about the professional software by which users can handle the damage of BKF files.

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