How To Download Access Password Recovery Free Full Version?

Summary: If you want to recover your passwords from the Microsoft Access database, this write-up is for you. In this post, we have mentioned a step-by-step guide of expert utility to restore the forgotten password of the MS Access database. So, to perform the working steps: download access password recovery free full version continues with this post.

MS Access is a database management system that stores and manages data. It is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite developed for business and user enterprises. The database stores a vast quantity of data that makes it easy to retrieve and use in different applications.

MS Access also allows its users to protect the MS access database file with a password. But sometimes, there is a possibility that the user will forget their password or set the encryption that is non-breakable. Therefore, there is a requirement for free MDB password recovery software to recover the forgotten password.

What are the Key Benefits of a Microsoft Access Database?

There are many benefits of the Microsoft Access Database that are beneficial for the users. Some of them are listed below:

  • Development Cost: It is a less expensive database system that requires less setup amount and maintenance costs.
  • Easy to Integrate: Users can easily integrate MS Access with software programs based on Windows and with other products in the Office suite.
  • Legacy Data: MS access can import several data formats so that your existing data is not lost.
  • Distribution: It is extremely convenient to distribute the entire application to various users who can run an application in disconnected environments.

Here, we have discussed the benefits of the Microsoft Access database. Now, let’s move further to know how to download the access password recovery free full version and recover the password of the password-protected MS Access Database file(MDB).

How to Recover Passwords of MS Access Database? – Free MDB Password Recovery

SysInfo Access Password Recovery tool is a safe and secure solution to remove passwords from MS Access Database (MDB) File. This software come with advanced algorithms that restore forgotten or lost MS Access Database encryption. Any technical or non-technical user can operate this utility to recover encrypted, non-encrypted, complex, lengthy, alphanumeric, or any jumbled characters MDB passwords.

Steps for Access Password Recovery Software

  • Download Access password recovery free full version software.
  • run tool
  • Click on the Open button to add the database file to recover the password.
  • click on open
  • Now, Choose the Access database file from the system directory and tap on the Open button.
  • choose access database file
  • Next, tap on the Get info button to check the information about your MS Access database file.
  • Here, you can press the Recover password button to start the password recovery process.
  • recover password
  • Here, you can also copy your recovered password to the clipboard by clicking on the Copy button.
  • At last, tap on the Exit button to end the process and click on Yes.
  • click yes

Key Features of MS Access Password Recovery Software Free Download Full Version

  1. The software supports multi-encoding such as ANSI, Unicode, numeric, and alpha-numeric.
  2. It allows the users to change or reset theirs from the encrypted or unencrypted MS access database file.
  3. MS access password recovery software completely works in safe mode.
  4. Users can preview their selected MDB file before the recovery process.


In the above post, we have mentioned the step-by-step process to recover or retrieve your MS Access database password. However, sometimes users forget their password or are unable to open their database file. In that case, we recommend you to go through with the professional way to recover the password. Additionally, you can also evaluate the working of the software by download access password recovery free full versions software.

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