Top 30 Best OLM to PST Converter for Mac & Windows of 2023

Summary– There are a lot of Mac Outlook Users worldwide who face problems while moving their emails from their account to Windows Outlook. So, they look for the best OLM to PST Converter for Mac to migrate their Mac Outlook Emails to Windows Outlook. Therefore, we have brought a list of the 30 best software to convert OLM to PST and move all your crucial data quickly.

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There are many companies worldwide selling OLM to PST Converters but it is not easy for Mac users to shortlist the best software among them. Therefore, we have made your choice easier because here are the 30 best OLM to PST Converters for Mac and Windows. You can check their features and try their demo versions for moving Outlook for Mac Emails to Outlook for Windows. We have also mentioned the prices of every software so that it fits under your budget and you can convert OLM to PST easily. We have tried the free OLM to PST Converter for Windows and Mac of many software providers that converts OLM File to PST but shortlisted only 30 among them having different features and prices. Let’s check the features of every software in detail.

30 Best Converter Software for OLM to PST in 2023

Here, we have listed the features and prices of every software that can convert OLM to PST in Mac and also moves emails, inbox, and other folders with attachments from OLM to PST. You can easily compare the features and prices of every OLM to PST Converter for Mac and make your final choice.

Best OLM to PST Converters Features and Benefits Price
Sysinfo OLM to PST Converter
  • There is a preview option that enables users to view the OLM file data before the conversion process.
  • You can also save only specific emails of OLM files with a unique date range filter.
  • There is an option to add a new resultant PST file to the Microsoft Outlook profile.
MailConverterTools OLM Converter
  • Users can easily convert OLM files into PST file format in bulk.
  • You can also migrate your contacts, emails, calendars, notes, and tasks of OLM files into Outlook PST files.
  • This software supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook, Windows OS, and macOS.
Aryson OLM to PST Converter
  • There is an auto-search feature that helps to search your OLM files automatically on your local system.
  • Additionally, Users are permitted to attach your recently converted file of PST format to your profile of Microsoft Outlook.
  • You can also straightforwardly translate your corrupted or damaged OLM files.
MSOutlookHelp OLM to PST Exporter
  • This software helps to transfer mailboxes of Mac Outlook to Microsoft Outlook Windows OS.
  • Users are also allowed to change the mailbox items in the folder and subfolder structure on Mac Outlook.
  • There are various filters to change the particular mailboxes.
Cigati OLM to PST Migrator
  • This utility is an efficient and comprehensive tool to transform OLM files to PST file format.
  • Users are allowed to transfer the OLM files of Outlook on Mac into Windows PST files and other file formats such as EMLX, MBOX, CSV, and many more.
  • Users also get an amazing feature to import the OLM files along with the attachments.
DRS OLM to PST File Migration
  • Users permit to import olm to Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, AOL, etc.
  • The utility’s interface is also very easy-to-understand for every user.
  • Non-technical users do not require to have technical knowledge of Mac and Outlook.
MacSonik OLM to PST Converter
  • In this tool, there is no risk in the conversion process of OLM files to PST file format.
  • You can directly import your Mac OLM files to Windows PST files of MS Outlook in bulk additionally with attachments.
  • This is a time-saving tool and also helps users to migrate their resultant PST files in a single click.
ConverterTools OLM Import Tool
  • Users are also allowed to view the content of OLM files through the preview option.
  • This software helps to set the desired location of users when they are saving in PST file formats.
  • There is a trial version of this wizard where users can also easily import their OLM files up to 50 emails in Windows Outlook format.
Stellar OLM to PST Importer
  • This software is highly recommended by IT experts and professionals for further benefit.
  • Users are also allowed to import their OLM files into HTML, RTF, etc.
  • Such OLM to PST converter wizard helps to provide various options, like Browse and Find. Through this, users can find their destination path.
Softaken OLM to PST Exporter
  • Users can effortlessly unlimited convert their OLM files to PST file format in a single purchase.
  • You can also import all files or have the option to choose your specific files with attachments individually.
  • This software can easily maintain metadata and a hierarchy of folders.
MailsDaddy Mac OLM to PST Migrator
  • Users are allowed to save or download single or multiple PST files from Mac Outlook.
  • You also have another feature to utilize the free demo of the Mac OLM converter for your better understanding.
  • This tool is 100% safe and secure to import OLM files of users to Windows PST files.
MacUncle OLM to PST Migration
  • You don’t need any technical expertise while exporting the OLM files to PST file formats.
  • Users are allowed to transform large-size of Mac OLM files to Windows PST files.
  • This software is also compatible with all versions of Mac.
Adviksoft OLM to PST Changer
  • This utility offers upgraded technology while exporting OLM files to PST files.
  • OLM to PST Converter is built in that way which gives 100% results.
  • You can simply batch-convert OLM files to PST file format without having any technical glitches.
GainTools OLM to PST Mover
  • There is no requirement for installing MS Outlook to import OLM files to PST files.
  • You can also save or download the resultant PST file in your desired location.
  • Without manipulating the original database, you can convert your OLM file on Mac to MS Outlook PST file format.
BitRecover OLM to PST Converter
  • There is a dual-mode option for converting OLM files to PST files.
  • Users are also permitted to import their OLM files on their desktop-based email clients and cloud-based email clients.
  • You can directly convert your OLM calendars into ICS file format.
vMail OLM to PST Import Tool
  • Converts all mailbox components like Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, etc. to PST.
  • Imports all emails and other data from OLM to Windows Outlook.
  • Not single data is lost while converting OLM files to PST.
Kernel OLM to PST Export Tool
  • This software is a trustworthy and versatile tool for transforming the OLM to PST files.
  • You can also import your OLM files to Gmail, Exchange Server, GroupWise, or Domino.
  • It creates a report of the file analysis.
Systools Converter for OLM to PST
  • You can simply convert OLM files to PST files into vCARD, CSV, MSG, and many more.
  • Users can directly split your resultant PST file into small sizes.
  • Users can also opt for applying various name patterns to download your resultant PST files.
DataRepairTools Exporter for OLM to PST
  • This wizard is the finest and safest tool to export OLM files into PST files.
  • There is a direct search for Mac OLM files that are stored in your system location.
  • You can also find the log report after the completion of the conversion process.
CorbettSoftware Migrator for OLM to PST
  • Users are allowed to export selected mailbox items of Outlook OLM files on Mac to Windows PST files.
  • During the exporting process, you can directly exact the total number of emails with Unread and Read Message Counts.
  • While using this converter, you are able to Refine the Search with Filters.
RecoveryTool OLM to PST Exporter
  • You can effortlessly import Outlook OLM files to Windows PST files in batch mode.
  • This wizard helps to create individual PST files for every Mac Outlook OLM file.
  • OLM to PST Converter also has a feature that retains the email header and the header files of users.
GladwevSoftware OLM to PST Migrator
  • During the conversion process, this tool will professionally take care of users’ content by providing the hierarchical structure of folders and sub-folders.
  • This software supports all other languages such as Japanese and Chinese.
  • Users are allowed to attach attachments while performing the migration process.
CubexSoft OLM to PST Mover
  • It is updated by having a version of v10.0.
  • Users can also import their Mac OLM mailbox items into a desired cloud account without putting any extra effort.
  • This utility is highly recommended for the list of distribution, groups, and addresses of the book of Outlook OLM files on macOS.
VartikaSoftware OLM to PST Migration Tool
  • OLM to PST converter for Mac helps to maintain formatting and integrate the email.
  • You can simply migrate your heavy OLM files/folders to your desired location to PST.
  • This wizard gives you the best as well as fast conversion from Mac Outlook OLM files to Windows Outlook PST files.
Mailvita OLM to PST Converter
  • Users can access their emails of Windows Outlook by using the OLM to PST converter.
  • When you try to view OLM files in the Windows Operating system, you require to have this converter.
  • Through this converter. you can switch the OS from Mac to Windows and convert the entire data of OLM files to PST file format
YotaSoftware OLM to PST Converter
  • Users are allowed to view their Mac Outlook OLM files without any ads.
  • There is also customer service available 24/7 for answering your queries.
  • This wizard is made up of an advanced encoding design that is too easy to understand for every user.
Syscurve Converter for OLM to PST
  • There is a free version of the OLM to PST converter where you can easily try and upload up to 20 items of OLM emails.
  • This tool also assists to protect the algorithms of users’ data.
  • OLM to PST Converter supports all versions of Windows OS.
Dataware Migrator for OLM to PST
  • This converter is the best solution for every business as well as home user to transfer Mac OLM files to Windows PST files.
  • There is no restriction on the size of OLM files in the conversion process.
  • This tool also provides has an assurance to save and import all mailbox items of OLM files.
SysDaddy OLM to PST Converter
  • OLM to PST Converter has 7+ Preview modes during the migration procedure.
  • It has also a date range filter in the conversion of Mac OLM files to Windows PST files.
  • This wizard is capable to import OLM files to PST files of any version of Windows OS and mac as well
eSoftTools OLM to PST Export Tool
  • Users have the option to add single or multiple OLM files.
  • This wizard has another feature of Mail filter that helps to import emails from a large list of Mac OLM files.
  • You can also predefine the name of the resultant PST files by subject, from, and formats of dates.


So, you have seen that there are 30 different companies offering the Best OLM to PST Converter for Mac and Windows. You are free to use any software and we have reviewed the performance of every software. They perform a quick conversion without altering any information present in the OLM File. Moreover, with the help of the above software, a mac user can easily switch from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows. Lastly, you will have to make the final decision and choose the appropriate OLM to PST Converter for yourself.

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