How to Convert OLM to PST in Mac system?

 Are you stuck with the same question – “How to Convert OLM to PST in Mac ?”. Well, don’t worry, if you are facing such kind of issue. In this blog, we will discuss how to Convert OML file to PST file. Don’t miss any line and follow us from top to end.

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What Actually is OLM and PST file?

Microsoft, the biggest name in the software industry provides its mailing services for Windows users and for Mac users. User interface and working of both – Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac are quite similar. The difference between them is that outlook version for Windows uses PST files to store mails while Outlook version for Mac uses OLM files to store user mail data.

Always keep in mind that there is no way to open an OLM file in any version of window Outlook. Outlook for Windows supports the PST file format. 

Yes, I know, that you are now curious to know the reasons behind the conversion process of OLM to PST. So, for that move forward without wasting any time.

Why do We Convert OLM to PST?

If you are searching – “how to convert olm to pst in mac”  on google, then you have your own reason. But generally, people search this for some common reasons: 

1.If the user is moving from the Mac system to a Windows system. First, they have to transfer from the Outlook version for Mac to Outlook version for Windows. So, therefore, OLM to PST conversion is required.

2. If you find an OLM file from someone, but have some trouble to open it. In this case, to view the data contained in the OLM file you need to convert OLM to Outlook PST.

Yes, you curious people, now you finally get to the two different ways to convert OLM file to PST file : 

  1. Manual Techniques for OLM file to PST file conversion.
  2. Professional method to transfer OLM file to PST file


Manual Techniques for OLM to PST conversion

If you wish to know “how to convert olm to pst in mac”, then Follow the mentioned methods as shown below:-

Method 1:  Make an IMAP account with the use of Gmail account

  • Open the Gmail account then click on the Gear icon on the right-hand side of the Gmail account.
  • Then, click on the Settings button.
  • Next, hit on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, on the Settings tab.
  • At last, check the IMAP Access status. If the status is disabled then enable it.

Once your IMAP account created successfully, then set up your Outlook. Follow the steps given below:

Method 2: On outlook add IMAP mail account

  • Firstly, open Outlook for Mac then click on Menu ->Tools -> Accounts.
  • After that, click on Email. Here, enter an email address, password and other information which is asked. Then click on Add Account.
  • Once the above process completed successfully then check the IMAP mail account.

Then, create a Gmail label, In order to perform synchronization between Outlook for Mac and IMAP account. Follow the below steps:

Method 3: Create Gmail Label

  • Firstly, open your Gmail account. Then click on the Gear icon. After that, click on the Settings button.
  • Then on the Settings tab, click Labels and here, now click on Create New Label. Now confirm Show in IMAP box is checked.
  • Finally, go to your Mac Outlook and click on Send/Receive.

Now move your emails and other data of mailbox from OLM file to the IMAP mailbox folder. Follow the below steps:

Method 4: Transfer emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP mailbox

  • Open Outlook for Mac.
  • Right-click on mailbox item which you want to move to Outlook for Windows.
  • Then choose Move >>Copy to Folder.
  • Type IMAP folder name and hit on Copy.
  • To update the mailbox Hit on Send/Receive or refresh the folder on Gmail After following the above steps your all the copied mailbox data have been synchronized to the IMAP mailbox folder.

In the next, move all the emails or other mailbox data from the IMAP mailbox folder to Windows Outlook. For this, set up the same IMAP mail account to Windows Outlook. Then drag and drop IMAP mailbox folder data to Windows Outlook Inbox Folder. This is all you need to do to successfully convert your OLM file to PST file.

But all this process is lengthy, too much time consuming and sometimes it will corrupt your data. So, if your profession doesn’t allow you to waste so much time in this process or if you don’t want to follow all these irritating procedures or your data have some important mails then you can use Professional methods to convert OLM file to PST file. 

Professional Method to migrate OLM file to PST file

Well, if you want to make this conversion a cakewalk then you need to use some Advanced professional tools to transfer OLM file to PST file i.e., Mac OLM Converter. This Advanced  will help to export all your mailbox data items without any data loss. You can also follow this article to learn the top 30 best OLM to PST Converter for Mac.

This image explains the easy and best methods to convert OLM to PST in MAC system


In this post, we have discussed the methods and answer to the question- “how to convert olm to pst in mac”. Also all the possible ways i.e., Manual ways as well as Professional ways to convert OLM file to PST file. The final conclusion comes out to be that the use of Professional tools is better than a Manual way. 

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