Reliable Tricks to Open EML Files With Free EML Viewer

Finding a free EML viewer that can efficiently open the EML files in a readable format and offer various advanced features is a tough job. However, with proper knowledge and research, you can get one. Here you will learn about the best software that opens the EML files. But first, what is an EML file?

An EML is a file format of email messages created by email applications like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. This file format stores: message content, subject, sender, recipient, and date of the message. Most email clients support this file format, so it becomes one of the popular email clients.

Why do you need an EML Viewer?

EML files store the email message, but you can not read it directly. If you open such files through a notepad, you can not understand the content of the message. This is the limitation of the EML files that creates a need for a free EML viewer software to view these files.

There is no direct way to open EML files online in a readable format. For this purpose, you can use various software, but all of them do not give satisfactory results. So, you need a more advanced tool that solves your issue effectively.

Sysinfo EML Viewer

Sysinfo EML Viewer is the best tool that helps you to check the EML files and save them in the desired file format or email client. It is the best free EML viewer for initial 50 EML files. For further operation, you need to buy the full version. It offers several advanced features like Date Range filter, Naming Convention, etc., to facilitate the saving option.

The tool is fast and effective. It can save the EML file in any desired format in a couple of minutes. Apart from that, It has an easy-to-navigate user interface such that a novice user can easily use the tool. Moreover, you can customize the destination path of the resultant file.

Working of Free EML Viewer

  • Download and install the Sysinfo EML Viewer. Run it as administrator.
  • download software
  • Click on the Add Files button to add the EML files that you want to view.
  • add eml files
  • Then, select files from your PC and press the Open button to add files.
  • click open
  • After successfully adding the files, click on the OK button.
  • Next, choose a suitable file format or email the client using the Select Saving Option.
  • select saving option
  • Click on the Save button to proceed further.
  • A pop-up containing advanced options will appear on the screen. Select the Date Filter option to migrate particular files.
  • try date range filter option
  • Fill in the Start Date and End Date to specify the date range. Then, click Add to enable the date range.
  • After that, select the format of naming using the Naming Convention feature.
  • Tick the Maintain Folder Hierarchy option to keep the data in the correct order.
  • Press the Apply button to initialize the saving process.
  • Wait for a while, the tool is converting and saving the EML files into the desired format.
  • wait till process gets end
  • Finally, the tool shows a message of successfully saving the files. Press OK.

Key Feature of Sysinfo EML Viewer

Below are the main features of the Sysinfo EML Viewer:

  • It can open and save EML files into various file formats and email clients.
  • Customize the destination path to the resultant file.
  • Offers Date Filter feature to migrate selected email files.
  • Conserve the order of the emails to keep the data intact.


The EML files store the email message content and other information in the system. However, you can read these files using notepad or any other system software. So, advanced software to open EML file Outlook online becomes mandatory. Sysinfo EML Viewer is a free EML viewer tool for the first 50 files. You need to buy the complete software to activate all the features. Additionally, this software offers several unique features to make migration convenient. Apart from that, the software has a very interactive user interface such that a novice user can easily use it.

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