How to archive Yahoo mail to Hard drive/Flash Drive/External Drive?

Synopsis: Let us discuss the ways to address the question “How to archive Yahoo mail to Hard drive?”

Yahoo is the world’s third-largest webmail service. But it announced in December 2016 that around 1 billion accounts were hacked. If one Yahoo account is hacked, it will lead to more severe problems such as identity theft and other intrusions to safety and privacy that could influence the finances and reputation of account owners. It is always essential for customers in the event of an email hack to keep the backup beforehand.

Yahoo being a famous email provider also faces many problems while archiving yahoo mails to a hard drive. So this article will help you to copy Yahoo mail folders to Hard drive/ Flash Drive/External drive.

First of all, we need to know why we need to archive yahoo mail to a hard drive, flash drive or any other external drive.

Why we need to export Yahoo mail to Hard drive?

Even though Yahoo has a very good data management system for users, Yahoo sometimes fails and issues occur in Yahoo mail in such a way that users can not even access their mail. Sometimes these Yahoo mail issues affect the user data. Therefore, I will suggest you to back up your files so that there is no problems affecting your data. Let’s check what problems can affect this email client.

  1. Emails Overflow
  2. Hacked Yahoo mail
  3. Problem on accessing Yahoo mails

From the above issues, users should back up Yahoo mails. So, let us see what can be the solutions to archive Yahoo mails to Hard drive.

There are two methods:

  1. Manual Method
  2. Automated Method

Manual Method to archive yahoo mail to Hard drive

  • First, copy all the items of the mailbox and paste it into the word then save it.
  • Also, you can save a single email message from Yahoo to a local drive at a time.
  • By using POP/IMAP settings, you can access the Yahoo mails in any other email client. 
  • It is possible to forward emails to another account by adding a different email address. 

Manual method to configure Yahoo Mail to Another Email Client & Backup 

The procedure includes two stages that you can complete by downloading your Yahoo mail folders to the USB / Flash drive.

The following stages are discussed below:

  • Configure your Yahoo mail account to another email client (say Thunderbird / Outlook) 
  • Move email files to an account configured by Outlook / Thunderbird or straight back up Yahoo mail to your local system.

You can use the Offline mode by MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. But I will suggest you bring backup to your scheme for a secure side. This will assist you to access your messages wherever necessary in any email client. You can read the Add Yahoo mail procedure to Outlook / Thunderbird as well.

Make sure you configure your Yahoo mail with the POP account type to archive/delete messages from Yahoo mail. And just drag and drop emails from one folder to another from the generated Yahoo mail folder to the other email users.

This method is a bit long and users generally make errors to configure Yahoo mail to mail clients from Outlook / Thunderbird. Suggested, therefore, to go for the automated solution. Let’s find out how this Automated solution works to archive hard drive Yahoo mail folders. 

Limitations of Manual Method to save emails from yahoo mail to hard drive

  1. It becomes hard to back up one by one in the event of bulk messages. Backup of yahoo messages to a hard drive will take a long time. 
  2. If you send emails to another account, both accounts must be handled simultaneously.
  3. In any other email client, you can access Yahoo mails using POP / IMAP settings. 
  4. You can send Emails to another account by adding distinct email addresses.

Automated Solution

You can use Yahoo Email Backup Software to archive Yahoo mails to Hard drive. It is a safe solution to backup and converts your data without interfering with the original hierarchy of your data. Also, it allows users to export emails and other data from on Yahoo profile to another Yahoo profile.

The Yahoo backup tool


On the question “How to archive yahoo mail to Hard drive? ” or “How to backup yahoo mail to hard drive?” or How to save Yahoo mail to hard drive?” we have discussed some alternatives. Detailed manual and automated techniques to resolve the problems that Yahoo users may encounter when there is any problem with their Yahoo mail.

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