Where Can I See my Archived Mail in Gmail

Most users are always searching for answers to the question, where can I see my archived mail in Gmail? In this blog, you will find all the possible answers to the above question with all the related details in brief.

Gmail is the most widely used email client nowadays that is managed by Google. According to Google, there are around 1.5 billion Gmail email users around the globe. It has risen exponentially in recent times as Gmail has increased its safety measures and also included a variety of services.

However, Gmail is one such email client that also has a lot of spam emails due to its wide usability. It tends the users to delete and remove emails from the mailbox. Google, being a fast-forward tech giant has introduced a new feature in this regard, namely the Archive in Gmail.

So, what do you understand by archiving emails? Where do Archived items go in Gmail? How to find Archived emails in Gmail on desktop? Where can I see my archived mail in Gmail? How to unarchive in Gmail? Stay with us till the end, and all these questions will be answered.

Hence, not wasting any time, let us start with the first question.

What Do you Understand by Emails Archive?

As you all know that there are a lot of important emails that you cannot delete from the Gmail mailbox. Perhaps, you also don’t want to keep them in the Inbox folder. The Archive feature removes the emails from the inbox folder and does not delete them, and sends it to the Trash bin.

Although, there is no separate Archive folder in Gmail where all these emails go. You can complete archiving the emails with just one simple click. Archived emails are not lost forever like the messages that you delete.

Now, moving forward to answering other questions. All the below questions have the same answer.

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Where Can I See My Archived Mail In Gmail?

Here you will get to Where Do These Emails Go? OR How To Find These Emails?

A straight simple answer to all the above questions. You can find your Archived emails in the All Mail folder in Gmail. Nonetheless, it is not easy to find those emails in the bunch of all emails in the list. There are different ways in which you can search for these emails, which we will discuss later on in this blog.

You can view all your Archived emails under the All Mail section as these emails are not deleted and do not go to the Trash folder.

Now, as we know where we will find these archived emails. Let us understand how we will find these particular archived emails in all the bunch of emails already present in the All Mail folder of Gmail.

You can do that by using the inbuilt search filter of Gmail. The Gmail email client shows the emails in the queue as the newest emails first and then the old emails. Now to answer your question about where can I see my Archived mail in Gmail. Follow the below steps precisely.

  • Firstly, to go to the All Mail folder, you need to click on the More option in the left panel.
  • Once it expands, you will see All Mail. Click on it, and the list of all emails, including the archived ones, will display.
  • click on all mail
  • You can also directly type in the search bar “in:all” to view all the emails in Gmail, including the ones that you have archived.
  • If you wish, you can further filter this search by making it more specific. For example, if you want to view archived emails from a company. You can type the following search filter. In:all from:company.com
  • It will display all the emails from the particular company.

Also, users should know that you can also directly send the Archived emails back to the Inbox folder by opening the archived mail and clicking on the option Move to Inbox.

It will directly send the archived mail back to the Inbox folder and will be aligned as per date and time.


Archiving emails is an exemplary option that is provided by Google. Users can hide their emails without the need to delete them permanently. Archived emails can be found without using any external tool using the inbuilt search feature of Google. Through this blog, we think we have helped you to answer a lot of your questions, including where can I see my Archived mail in Gmail. The search filter for selective archive mail search is also mentioned so that you can easily find your Gmail archive emails.

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