Learn How to Separate PDF Pages Mac System? – A DIY Guide

Synopsis: This blog post explains the way to know How to Separate PDF Pages Mac? or How to Split PDF Pages Mac?.

If you have large-sized PDF Files on a MAC system that you wish to split into smaller sized PDF files, then without wasting much time, read the post further.

Methods on How to Separate PDF Pages Mac into multiple files 

You can follow these easy and simple methods to learn How to Separate PDF Pages Mac?. Read further to know more.

Method 1. How to Split PDF Pages Mac Using the Preview option?

Open the PDF file in Preview, which is the default PDF viewer and editor on Mac. Now, Go to the View menu, select Thumbnails from the drop-down menu, you will then see the left sidebar with page thumbnails in Preview. 

Now simply drag and drop the selected PDF page(s) from Preview to your desktop or to Finder. This will copy the selected PDF pages from Preview and save then as separate PDF documents on your Mac System. If you need to split only a few PDF as separate files, this is your best option. 

You can try using this method in case you have few PDF documents that need to be split. But, If you have large number of PDF files that you need to split, then read the next method.

Method 2. By using the PDF Splitter for MAC

You can use the MAC PDF Splitter Tool by SysInfoTools to cut PDF online. The tool comes with the free version too so you can easily do PDF Splitter Free download on your own. 

With the help of this tool, you can perform safe and secure splitting of large-sized PDF file. This utility can easily split password-protected PDF files also. For splitting large sized PDF files, you don’t need Adobe application. The PDF cutter for MAC utility can split the files files based on size, page range, Number of pages, etc. If you wish to apply a password to the resultant PDF Files, then this tool makes it possible for you to encrypt the PDF documents. After the splitting process, the files can be saved along with the watermark.

This is a simple tool with user-friendly GUI and is compatible with all versions of MAC OS including 10.8/10.9 & above versions.

So, you can follow these simple steps given below to split PDF into multiple files of smaller size.
1. Launch the MAC PDF Splitter Tool and select the file that needs to be cut into smaller files.

How to Separate PDF Pages Mac

2. Open the PDF files and display the path of PDF and click on Next.

how to split pdf pages mac
how to split pdf pages mac

3. The selected file is listed in the main window along with its location, size, and number of pages contained in the PDF file. After that click on the Next button.

Using professional method to split PDF pages into multiple files

4. In this step, users can select the desired option to split PDF files.

how to split pdf pages mac

5. Next, users can check the options to Apply password on PDF File(s).

How to Separate PDF Pages Mac

6. Here, you have to select the destination to save the split PDF file(s). Finally, Click on the Split button.

To Sum Up

I have discussed the simple methods of How to Separate PDF Pages Mac? or How to Split PDF Pages Mac?. You can try using both methods as both are foolproof. So, this way you can split PDF documents easily.

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