Top 3 Methods to Resolve PDF Blank Pages Problem Manually

‘I recently received a PDF Document as an attachment file in an incoming message. The PDF document included a PDF blank pages problem. The situation has made me miserable, I urgently want to view this PDF file content. Can you suggest me a solution?”

 ‘Hola, I have a PDF file in abundance that cannot be opened. Although, some of the files are easily accessible whereas other Adobe PDF shows up blank pages. I don’t actually know the cause behind this so, kindly provide me a solution. Any kind of help is acknowledged.”

PDF files are the only kind of files that are designed with embedded security. To unlock PDF files one needs to have Adobe Acrobat. When these PDF files are large, then loading them might take some time. Sometimes, when you load them these files may appear blank. To stay more acknowledged, continue reading this article.

Moving on to the manual approaches to fix the error blank pages problem by simply tapping delete blank pages in PDF. To do so, go through the given methods that will assist you in the same.

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3 Methods to Resolve PDF Blank Pages Problem

To fix the error, the user has to go through the below-mentioned user protocols that seem to provide efficient results.

Method 1. Verify is the  Web Server is Valid or Not

Usually, the issues are generated from the web server that results in a blank page problem. In such scenarios, users have to view a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat. Make sure to check i.e. Adobe viewer on the Adobe website shows the valid version of the PDF document. If the version is correct, then the issue is obviously from the web server’s end.

Method 2. Deactivate the Feature ‘view in browser’

Using this deactivating attribute, the user pressurizes the viewer to display up the PDF Document other than the browser in a different window. This method repairs the error ‘ PDF Blank Pages Problem’ that occurs frequently. Whereas, using Internet Explorer to resolve the error is not that effective. 

Method 3. Store PDF Document to Hard Drive

Try accessing the PDF file in your local browser. Besides, if the user is working on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above renditions, then they have to go through the below-mentioned instructions to access the PDF file.:

  • Firstly, right-tap the Portable Document Format.
  • Secondly, Choose the ‘Save Target As‘  option from the popup wizard.
  • Thirdly, the ‘Save As’ wizard will show up.
  • In the ‘Save As’  wizard, the user needs to mention the location of the PDF file.
  • Now, tap the  ‘Save‘ button.
  • Then, redirect to the File menu, tap Open, and hit the ‘Browse‘ button.
  • Next, in the ‘Files of Type‘ wizard menu bar, pick all the files by tapping the ‘All Files‘ option.
  • Now, pick the same PDF file that you have stored in Step 2  and then tap the ‘Open‘ button.
  • In the end, the file must be accessed and viewed via ‘Acrobat Viewer‘.

Drawbacks of the Manual Methods:

  • It is a time taking process for an individual to resolve the process due to technical language.
  • Steps must be followed in order to avoid any kind of data loss.
  • The process may sound tactical to a novice user
  • Does not keep the resultant PDF file in the hierarchical structure.
  • No guarantee of providing an accurate solution.

Procedure to Remove Blank Pages from PDF using Automated Tool

If the above method does not provide satisfactory results then try out the commercial approach that fits the best for the method. One such approach is SysInfo PDF Recovery. The approach is legitimate for resolving the PDF blank pages problem based on the level of corruption.

Embedded features of the utility

  • Fixes all kind of indifferent corruption errors relevant to a PDF File.
  • Repairs several PDF files on your local system without any data leak.
  • The tool is compatible with all kinds of PDF Documents generated by different renditions of Adobe Acrobat Tool.
  • Maintains data integrity after the PDF file recovery.
  • Utilize the Standard Recover Mode for minor inconsistency issues and Advanced Recovery Mode for major inconsistency issues.
Last Remark

Above, we have mentioned both the manual as well as automation fixes to resolve the error ‘PDF blank pages problem’. Besides, going through the manual disadvantages, it is clear that the approaches are not up to the mark to fix the error. In such a scenario, automated solutions are considered more appropriate for fixing the error.

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