Top 4 Ways in 2021 to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Mac Without Software

Summary: Let see how to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Mac without software or if you wish to recover deleted files mac terminal, then read this post further.

Many times it happens that you might have accidentally deleted a file that is valuable to you. And, It can be any type of file, be it audio, video, or any other data file. So, If you have just deleted them and sent them to the trash, you can easily get them back.

Let us read further the manual ways to restore permanently deleted files MAC without and with software.

Reasons for MAC file deletion:

Some of the reasons that can cause MAC file deletion are given below:

  • Hard drive failure or system crash
  • Due to power failure causing unsaved data to be lost
  • Software corruption
  • Database corruption
  • Formatting hard drive
  • Intentional or Accidental data deletion in partition or drive
  • Virus and Malware attack
  • Hacking

Let us see how these Permanently deleted files can be recovered.

Manual Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Mac:

You can follow these methods if you want to know how to recover deleted files mac without software.

Method 1: By using MAC operating system’s Time Machine Option

This is a built-in way to handle backups automatically. If you have an external Hard disc with you,it can be used easily. You can follow the given steps:

  • You can follow the given steps:
  • Navigate to System Preferences
  • Select Time Machine
  • Select Backup Disk option
  • You can select your external hard drive where you want to save your data, and switch on automatic backups.

You can select your external hard drive where you want to save your data, and switch on automatic backups.

Time Machine feature helps to keep a backup of your precious data on your external hard drive, and you can easily access them whenever you want.

If you don’t want to store data on a hard drive, then you can back up files on Cloud for example, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Method 2: By checking the trash folder

Many times it happens that you delete your data files and it goes in the Trash can. If you have not emptied the trash can, then you can easily restore the files by dragging them to the desktop, or right-click on them and select the put back” option to recover deleted files on Mac from the trash folder.

Method 3: By checking the other trash folders

If your file was stored on a USB flash drive or external hard drive in MAC operating system, those have their own Trash folders where you can check for deleted files. They’re hidden by default, though, so you have to do a little digging.

Whenever you use an external drive, your Mac creates a bunch of hidden folders starting with a period to help the drive work better with MAC OS. One of these hidden folders is “.Trashes” and it contains the trash for all external drives. You can easily restore these files.

Method 4: Recover Permanently Deleted Files Mac By MAC Recovery Software

If you are unable to get back or recover permanently deleted MAC files from the above-given methods, then it is time to use the MAC recovery Software tool by SysInfo Tool . It is a hassle-free technique to restore your lost MAC files. Some of the features of this tool are:

  • Swift, accurate and complete recovery of data from Mac system containing HFS and HFS+drives
  • Supports recovery of all popular file formats and causes no alteration in data files.
  • This software performs well for both partition table formats: MBR (master boot record) and GPT (GUID partition table)
  • Two modes for intensive scanning are provided in case of physical drive recovery: Standard and Advanced Modes
  • RAW recovery mode is provided with the the option of adding new signatures in new/existing file option along with tree structure preview.
  • Free MAC recovery software is also available that allows you to have a preview of recovered files.

To know how the software works, you can watch this video:

MAC data recovery software working steps

To Sum Up

When you want to retrieve deleted MAC files, you can easily use the above- given methods to get them back. But, sometimes, these methods are not that easy for a technical novice to implement. So, you can download the Free MAC data recovery software and use it to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Mac. It will make your job easier and you will be able to recover and restore lost MAC files on your own.

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