How to Migrate Outlook Mail to Gmail?

If you are looking for a solution to migrate Outlook mail to Gmail client, then you have landed on the right blog. Before, focusing on the query let’s understand the two platforms.

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Outlook is a personal web application introduced by Microsoft that comprises calendars, webmail, tasks, contacts, etc. Whereas, Gmail is a free mail client introduced by Google. Gmail can easily be accessed on browsing platforms as well as with the help of the Google Play application. 

Therefore, Focusing on the migration part, let’s move toward the reasons and some of the basic differences between the two.

Outlook VS. Gmail

Gmail Outlook
Gmail has a red and white colour interface. Outlook interface mostly showcases blue colour.
The reading pane can be enabled from the account settings. The reading pane is by default turned off.
If more labels are applied to one message, then that message will appear in more than one folder. Outlook has categories instead of labels. Applying more tags to one message does not exactly move the messages to that category.
Users can search for a message in the search bar by typing the sender’s name as well as the recipient’s name. Users can search for the exact message by giving the appropriate details.
Gmail has limited features enough according to users’ requirements. Outlook interface is rammed with extra features that one cannot use if they have no idea about it.

Why use Gmail for Outlook Mails?

  • Outlook interface is popular wordwise for its use in offices. But, most users tend to use their old infrastructure due to its simplicity.
  • If a user does not have access to an Outlook account due to network issues but, wishes to view PST file contents via Gmail email client.

Therefore, Let’s take a look at step- by step instructions to migrate outlook mail to Gmail.

How to Transfer Emails From Outlook to Gmail?

First, enable IMAP in your Gmail account.

  • Enter your Google Mail login information to access the Gmail account.
    Choose the See All Settings option from the Gear icon, which you may find.
  • Here, select the POP/IMAP and Forwarding tabs. Next, turn on the IMAP setting next to IMAP Access.
  • To save the updated changes, click the Save Changes button.

Step2:- Configure your Gmail account in Outlook 

  • First, Open the Outlook application on your local system.
  • Now, open the Outlook Account settings, go to the File menu, and hit ”Add Account”. 
  • And, In the pop-up window, type in the valid credentials of your Gmail account in which you wish to import your Outlook email messages.
  •  Press the Connect button to access Gmail in Outlook mail.

Step 3:- Migrate Outlook Mail to Gmail

  • After account setup, right-click on the configured Gmail account.
  • Next, go to the menu and choose the New Folder option. 
  •  Save a folder with a unique name.
  • Open the Outlook folder you wish to access in the Gmail account. Right-click the particular folder and hit the Copy folder option from the menu.
  •  In the next dialogue box pop-up, select the recently generated folder and hit the OK button to continue further.
  • Wait for the import process to complete successfully. 
  •  After Outlook email successfully gets imported to the Gmail account, then detach the Gmail account.

Alternative Method to Transfer Outlook Mail to Gmail

Users can opt for the alternative method instead. If they are not satisfied with the above instructions due to technical language and time taking procedure. One can use PST Converter to migrate Outlook mail to Gmail.

Prominent Features of the Utility

  • It convert Outlook mailbox items to .eml, .mbox, .pdf, .html, etc. file extension. 
  • The tool import PST to Gmail account, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Thunderbird and other mail clients.
  • Provides easy to use interface to its technical and non-technical users.

In the above blog, we have stated the how-to instructions and professional method to migrate Outlook Mail to Gmail along with the reasons and differences. The standard method will be difficult to handle as the technical language can mess up the data files if applied incorrectly. The professional solution is therefore tested and verified by experts. This tip is indeed helpful if the correct decision is made.

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