How to Import MBOX into Gmail?

Gmail users can import messages from different email servers into their accounts by using “Import Mail and Contacts” utility from settings. But when you want to Open MBOX File in Gmail account, then these methods are of no use. Therefore, we can conclude that there is no direct way to import MBOX to Gmail, however, there are some indirect methods that are available to you. So, let us move forward and discuss the workarounds for the query “ How to Import MBOX email to Gmail?”.

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Ways to Import MBOX into Gmail- Manual Techniques

MBOX is a file format that is accepted by email client servers like Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Therefore, we are going to use Mozilla Thunderbird as its support IMAP configurations for importing MBOX files to Gmail in Windows OS. The procedure to Import MBOX to Gmail is divided into two stages:

Step 1. Setup Gmail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 2. After that, Move MBOX Emails in Gmail account.

Let us check out each phase in a detailed manner.

Step1.Configuration of Gmail Account Via. Thunderbird

In this step, we need to Import all the MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird using Import/Export Extension. After that execute the below instructions:

Start the Thunderbird application on your system.

Now click on the Tools tab and choose the Account Settings option.

How to import MBOX into Gmail?

In the Account Settings window, you need to click on the Account Actions button. Select Add Mail Account option.

Here fill the details such as Name, Gmail Email Address, and Password in the respective boxes as shown in the figure. Click Continue to proceed further.

How to import MBOX into Gmail

After that Mozilla will check the details and asked you through which protocol Gmail account setup in MBOX. Choose IMAP and go with the Done button.

It will redirect you to the Goggle Sign-in window. Here you need to verify your ID and Click Ok.

On the next panel, enter your “Password” associated with your Gmail Account and click Next.

Steps to migrate BBOX files to Gmail

After that, click on Allow to provide permission to Mozilla Thunderbird to read the Gmail Messages

And then get back to the Thunderbird’s Set Up an Existing Email Account dialog box.

How to import MBOX into Gmail

Here your Gmail account is now configured with Mozilla Thunderbird. You can see Gmail Inbox in other folders in the left sidebar.

Note:– If you are a Mac user and want to know “ How to Import Apple MBOX to Gmail” or “What are the ways to export MBOX to Gmail MAC”. Then you need to follow these above steps the same on APPLE MAIL.

Step 2.Import MBOX Emails to Gmail Account

Once you configured the Gmail Account with Mozilla Thunderbird, you are ready to migrate MBOX to Gmail. To do so, follow these quick steps carefully:

In Gmail ID, navigate to the Inbox folder and right-click on it. Then, select the New Folder option.

Here you need to provide a name to the folder and click on Create Folder create it.

You will encounter a folder which is just created under the Gmail Inbox.

In that folder, drag the emails from the Thunderbird account.

Finally, we have converted the MBOX files to Gmail.

Convert MBOX into Gmail with the professional method

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In this article, we have covered “How to Import MBOX into Gmail” or “ How to open MBOX file in Gmail”. A step by step guide has described along with pictorial representations. Go through it once and resolve your problem from the root. 

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