Backup IMAP Emails Locally Using MS Outlook: 2 Best Ways

Nowadays, self-individuals and professional is well aware of work-related email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. MS Outlook helps users to communicate by sending or receiving emails. Moreover, every Outlook user has an IMAP account due to several benefits like storing desired emails/attachments, easy accessibility, etc. Sometimes, files get damaged due to some reason you become unable to open the email in Outlook. So, you should backup IMAP emails to protect valuable emails.

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This write-up will discuss various methods to backup IMAP emails locally. In addition, we will mention a reliable procedure, Sysinfo IMAP Backup Tool. It will help you to back up the IMAP email to a local folder or hard drive.

How to Backup IMAP Emails?

We have two methods to save IMAP emails locally. First, we will discuss a manual procedure to back up IMAP email data from Outlook. After that, we will mention an effective way to backup IMAP mailbox items.

Method 1: Backup IMAP Account Synced With MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has an inbuilt option to migrate emails from the server to the system’s local drive. This way, you can protect valuable items from data loss. It is an IMAP backup-free method to save email files. The procedure to backup IMAP emails to your computer consists of the following steps:

  • Launch the MS Outlook application on your local system.
  • Navigate to the File tab and choose the Open and Export button > Import/Export option.
  • It will open the Import/Export dialogue box. Select the Export to a file option and click the Next button.
  • Then, click on the Outlook data file (.pst) and click the Next button.
  • After that, choose the IMAP mailbox folder you want to take a backup. Click the Next button.
  • Finally, define the destination path for the resultant file using the Browse button. Click the Finish button to backup IMAP emails.

We have completed the manual procedure to save IMAP emails locally. But the point is that every manual solution has some limitations. Now, we will discuss it.

Loopholes of Accomplishing The Manual Solution

However, the manual procedure doesn’t suit everyone. It has some vulnerabilities that hinder the migration process.

  • It is a complicated and time-consuming way to save the mailbox files.
  • The risk of data loss is high in migrating data through manual techniques.
  • It moves only one file at a time. So, you have to perform the same operation for every desired email.
  • The above technique is not suitable for heavy mailbox items. Also, you can not migrate other mailbox items like contacts, calendars, events, etc.

If you do not want to face any such problem, opt for the third-party utility.

Method 2: Reliable Solution to Backup IMAP Emails

Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Software is the most comprehensive and efficient wizard. It not only helps to back up IMAP data of MS Outlook. Also, it creates a backup of all domains and servers without data loss. Moreover, it preserves folder hierarchy and data integrity throughout the IMAP backup process. With the help of this tool you can perform IMAP migration in Office 365, Gmail, AOL, and other email clients. There is no limitation on the size of the mailbox folder. Now, we will learn the steps that will help you to clear all your doubts.


  • Download and run the IMAP Email Backup Tool on your local screen.
  • After that, mention the ID, Password, Port No., and Host Number for which you want to take backup IMAP emails.
  • Then, mark and highlight the accounts and click the Next button.
  • Here, you can preview your desired mailbox folder in a preview panel. Choose the folders and emails from the tree structure.
  • Now, choose PDF or Any Other File Format to which you want to backup IMAP Emails.
  • In the end, define the location on the system and click the Convert button.

It will create a backup of IMAP emails locally to your system in the file format chosen by you in just six steps.

Time to Wind Up!

Microsoft Outlook allows you to migrate emails to your system through IMAP migration. The above-mentioned procedure to save emails locally is simple and effective. However, the process has some limitations. So, the best solution to backup IMAP emails is using an IMAP Backup Tool. It is a fast and effective method to save mailbox data. Even novice users can migrate their emails through this software.

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