How do I Recover a Deleted PowerPoint Presentation in 2021?

Get Answers for Query – How do I recover a deleted PowerPoint presentation?.

Imagine you prepared a PowerPoint presentation after hours of hard work and have added all the essential statistics, graphs, charts, images but forget to save it. Or suddenly a power failure happens it is like a disaster to anybody. Think for a second – what if this disaster happens to you. It will definitely annoy you, frustrate you, and you cannot do anything about it. Therefore, to save yourself from such nightmares, and keep yourself on the safer side, learn about the possible causes and feasible solutions.

Some possible causes of PowerPoint presentation deletion are system crashes suddenly, virus attack, improper PowerPoint exist. 

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But there is no need to worry about that,  as this article will provide you the 4 comprehensive Powerpoint recovery methods to help you to How do I recover a deleted PowerPoint presentation?

Methods to Recover unsaved PowerPoint presentations

There are 4 ways to recover PowerPoint files which are not saved:-

1. Recover unsaved presentations

In-Office 2010 and other latest versions of PowerPoint, there is an option known as Recover Unsaved Presentations.  With the help of this option, we can recover PPTs that were left unsaved. Follow these simple steps to recover:

  • Open MS PowerPoint,then click File > Open and select Recent 
  • Here you notice Recent Places in the bottom left corner, click on Recover Unsaved Presentations
  • Search your file in the list; open and save it safely to another location of your choice.
How do I recover a deleted powerpoint presentation?

2. Recover PowerPoint files from Temporary Files

When we open a new file, it creates a temporary file for the same. You can easily find it either on the network drive where you store it or in the windows temp directory. Normally, the file you will find them in the temp section will have a few extra letters after the title.

  • Click Start and select Search.
  • Type in the name of the file you are able to recall, add the extension name.tmp, and hit Enter to search.  
  • A window will pop up after the search. Open the files that you think are of the same size as your lost PPT.

3. Recover Powerpoint files using the AutoRecover function

Besides, there is another way can help recover unsaved PowerPoint files – AntoRecover function. First, you need to check if it has been enabled. Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1.Open a PowerPoint presentation then choose the File tab after that Select Options and Go to Save.

Step 2. Make sure that you have checked the box saying “Save auto-recover info every x minutes“, and the box saying “Keep the last Auto recovered version if I close without saving”

Recover Powerpoint files using the AutoRecover function

4. How do I recover a deleted PowerPoint presentation using Third-party Software?

If the above-mentioned techniques do not work, then you must opt for an intelligent tool. There are plenty of tools available in the online marketplace. Though, it is confusing and challenging to choose one so find an easy and comfortable one. One such tool is the SysInfoTools PowerPoint Recovery Tool. With this utility, you can easily get back your lost and deleted PowerPoint presentations.

Closing Words

It is very frustrating to lose your file so an extra tip tries to saves the particular file (Ctrl+S) on a regular interval of time and always keeps backup. Remember one thing “Prevention is always better than cure”, so always try to save your work while doing it. Unfortunately, If you are facing issues and have a query “How do I recover a deleted PowerPoint presentation?” then you can definitely recover your presentation using the above methods.

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