How to Convert Maildir to PST file format??

Synopsis: Let us discuss the methods to convert Maildir to PST file format.

There are many types of email clients available nowadays. Users prefer to use different types of email clients according to their requirements and preferences. One such file format is Maildir and Maildir++. But sometimes, people wish to migrate their files from Maildir file format to Outlook PST. Let us introduce ourselves to these email file formats and see how to convert Maildir to PST easily.

What are Maildir and Maildir++ file formats?

This is an email format which stored email messages over the server in its database. In Maildir format, each and every email message is kept a separate file with a unique filename and each folder of Maildir called directory. Maildir directory divided into three sub directory such as cur, tmp, and new.

Maildir++ is a file extension of Maildir files which supports subfolders and mail quotas. All the subdirectories in Maildir++ are found to be named as (dot) .thefilename

What are MS Outlook PST file formats?

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client all over the world used by many enterprises, professionals, home users, etc. It manages your emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc in a secure way and provides a good level user interface. This is the main reason why people moving to MS Outlook.

As per mentions, Maildir is a server-based email format, so you can’t access emails directory you need to connect to the server every time to read Maildir emails. A user easily converts Maildir to Outlook by following the manual methods.

Reasons to convert Maildir to PST :

Both email applications have their own advantages, but still, there are some people who want to migrate Maildir emails to Outlook. One of the main reasons to migrate or convert Maildir to PST is that Maildir is a server based email format. You always have to access the Server to read the Maildir Emails.

Methods to convert Maildir to PST manually:

This forces the users to migrate Maildir files to Windows Operating System, hence making it a requirement for users to convert Maildir to PST file formats.

Method 1. Manual Method

To migrate Maildir files to PST, you need to export Maildir files from the server and create a backup in local drive your system. To export the Maildir Files, you can follow the following steps:

Export Maildir Files from Server

A user needs to access Maildir files from the server and create a backup in local drive of a personal computer. Follow the mention steps to save Maildir files on the local machine:

Steps 1. Connect to Server of any website

Export Maildir files from Server to convert maildir to PST

Step 2. Click on mail folder and explore the files that you want

Steps 3. Now you can see all Maildir file folder (.Draft, .Sent, .Trash, cur, tmp, new, etc)

Convert Maildir to Outlook PST File format

Steps 4.Now create a Maildir file backup with all subfolders in local drive.

Export maildir files from Server to convert Maildir/Maildir++ file format to PST
Note: Now you need to use the Maildir Converter tool to open and save Maildir files to PST format.

Import Maildir files to MS Outlook

You can follow the following steps to Import maildir Files to MS Outlook:

Step 1. Start by Logging in to MS Outlook application and Click on File tab.

Step 2. In the drop-down menu, Select Open & Export option then click on Import/Export.

Import Maildir Files to PST file format

Step 3. Select Import from another program or file option from the given list. Click on Next button.

Import Maildir Files to PST file format

Steps 4. Now Open the converted PST file from local drive by Browse option and click on Next button.

Convert  Maildir Files to PST file format

Step 5. In the next step, click on the Finish button to finalize the importing process.

Import Maildir Files to PST file format

In this way you can convert or migrate Maildir to PST(Outlook) format.

As you can see, the above procedure is not that simple to exercise and needs technical expertise to implement.

Method 2. By Using Professional Maildir Converter

Maildir Converter Tool by SysInfo Tools is a standalone tool to perform conversion of Maildir folder or sub-folders to multiple file formats like Outlook PST, MBOX, PDF, HTML EML, and MSG. Some of the features of this tool are:

  • Performs single as well as bulk conversion of Maildir++/ Maildir files to different formats.
  • Easily Export Maildir sub-directories like cur, tmp, and new to Outlook.
  • Provides Preview option for Maildir emails with all its attributes & attachments.
  • Date Range Filter option is available to exclude/include old or unwanted messages.
  • Provides option to split PST file as per your suggested file size.
  • Can remove Duplicate items on the basis of To, From, Subject or Date
  • Support mail of Linux platforms like Dovecot, Mutt, MPOP etc.
  • Run perfectly on every version of Windows OS including Win10.
You can watch this video to know the working of this software:

To Sum Up

In this blog post, I have explained the manual method to Convert Maildir to PST file format. You can use this method. But, this method is not easy to implement by a technical novice. So, I have explained the professional method to convert Maildir to PST and do the conversion easily.

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