Methods to Add Email Signature in Outlook 2013 – A DIY Guide

In this blog, we will discuss ‘’how to add email signature in Outlook’’. First,  let’s overview what email signatures are? Email signatures are mostly used in firms/organizations. These signatures typically give you the basic details about the sender of the email, for example, their name, their post in the organization, email address, and some other data. You can include your signature in your Outlook messages accordingly. If one feels the need to add a signature to their messages along with graphic details, they can follow the how-to procedure mentioned below.

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Two Best Methods to Add Email Signature in Outlook

Method 1: For MS Office versions 2007-2010

Creating a Signature

  • Open a new message in Outlook. In the Message tab, in the Include menu, pick Signature -> Signatures.
Add Email Signature in Outlook
  • In the E-mail Signature tab, hit New.
  • Allocate a name for the signature, and then press OK to continue.
  • In the Edit Signature dialogue box, enter the word you wish to include in the Signature. 
  • To Modify the text, choose the text, and then opt a style and formatting measures to pick the options you wish.
  • To add details along with text, hit wherever you wish the element to be displayed and follow the instructions accordingly.
Options How to
To insert an electronic business card Hit  Business Card, and then choose a contact from the file As list. Then, hit OK.
To insert a hyperlink Select Insert hyperlink icon, enter in the information or navigate to a hyperlink, hit Select and then press OK.
To insert a picture Choose Insert a picture icon, browse to a picture- tap to select it, and then press OK. Common image file extensions for pictures comprise GIF, BMP, PNG, and JPG.
  • After finishing the creation of the signature, hit OK.

Note: The signature you generated will not display in the open message until or unless it is inserted to the message itself. 

Add  A Signature to Messages

  • Signatures can either be attached to all the email messages sent or can only be applied to selected messages.

Note: Each email can have only one attached signature.

  • Insert a signature electronically.
  • In the Message tab, go to the Include -> Signature -> Signatures.
Add Email Signature in Outlook
  • Under Choose default signature dialogue box, go to the E-mail account list and hit the Mail Account you wish to attach with the signature.
  • In the New messages pop-up list, choose the signature you wish to include.
  • To include a signature to outgoing messages-  Go to the Replies/forwards list, pick the signature. Else, hit (none).

Insert a Signature Manually

  • In a New Message tab, go to the Include group and hit the Signature tab -> Signatures.
Add Email Signature in Outlook

Tip: To eliminate a signature from a message, choose a signature from the body of the message, and then click Delete.

Both above and below instructions will help you guide methods for adding an email signature in Outlook.

Method 2: How to Add Email Signature in Outlook 2013?

  • Open a new email message on your Outlook application.
  • Go to the Message menu, choose Signature -> Signatures.

Based on the size of your Outlook profile window, the menu tab and signature tab can be in different locations.

Select Signature from the Message menu.

Select Signature with a reply or forward in the reading pane.

  •  Go to the signature to edit, select New. In the New Signature pop-up window, enter a name for the signature.
  • One can customize a signature by changing fonts and formats accordingly. To do so,  download the various templates in MS Word, personalize them with essential details and format and later copy-paste them to the Signature box. 
  • One can also include links as well as images to the signature accordingly. 
  • Under Choose default signature dialogue box, fix the following options for your signature:
    In the E-mail account pop-up box, select an email account you wish to include your signature in. An individual can have different signatures for each account.
  • If you wish to include the signature prior before forwarding outgoing messages – In the New Messages window, choose one of your customized signatures. If you do not wish to add a signature to all messages, then select None
  • When you want your signature to only display when you reply or forward a message, then go to the Replies/ forward pop-down, choose any one of the signatures. Else, pick None.Type a new signature to use in your email
  • Press OK to store the new signature and go back to your message. The MS Outlook won/t add the signature to the message you open in the first step. To add a signature to the message from step 1 perform manual operation instead. All the upcoming messages will have the signature attached to them automatically. To include a signature manually, choose Signature from the Message menu and then select the signature you just crafted.

Add a Logo or Image to your Signature

If you want to add a signature to the company icon or logo then follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Open a new message from the File menu, then pick Signature -> Signatures.
  • Also, In the Select signature to Edit pop-up box, select the signature you wish to add to your logo.
  • Pick the Image icon, browse the image file, and opt Insert.
  • To rescale the image, right-click on the image, then select Picture. Pick the Size tab and utilize the given options to rescale your image. To keep the image intact, make sure you lock the aspect ratio by hitting the checkbox beside.
  • After completion, hit  OK and then press the OK button once more save the modification to your signature.

Insert a Signature Manually

If you do not wish to include a signature for all replies and forwarded messages, then perform a manual procedure.

  • Go to your email message, redirect to the Message tab, pick Signature.
  • Pick your signature from the fly-out menu that displays. If you multiple customized signatures then choose the one you wish to attach to your message.

In the above blog, we have introduced two ways to add email signature in Outlook. The manual approach itself is enough for creating and Adding a signature to a mail message whether it is a reply or a forward message. Adding signature clarifies the receiver about the sender’s basic details which indicates the priority of the message. I hope you find this post obliging.

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