How to Resolve MS Outlook Error 0x80004005 in Outlook 2016/2019/2020??

Summary: Let us answer the question “How to resolve MS Outlook Error 0x80004005 in Outlook 2016/2019/2020. The error code 0x80004005 occurs when you send or receive emails in MS Outlook 2016.

Sometimes you can get messages such as

‘Sending and receiving reported error “0x80004005”: The operation failed.’ or

‘This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again or contact your network administrator’ or

The client operation failed. Error is [OX80004005- 0X0004B9-OXOO501].’

So, let us find out the easy way to solve this MS Outlook error in Outlook 2016/2019.

Causes of MS Outlook error 0x80004005 are:

This image explains the causes of MS Outlook error 0x80004005 and the methods to fix outlook error 0x80004005

Some of the major causes of MS Outlook error 0x80004005 are given below:

  • Spyware
  • Viruses
  • Registry problems-Missing or corrupt registry keys
  • The Script Blocking feature enabled while using Norton Antivirus

This error can render you unable to receive and send emails from your Outlook account. So, it is necessary to resolve this error because the PST file folder of the MS Outlook becomes unable to send and receive e-mails because of this error.

Manual Methods to Resolve MS Outlook error 0x80004005 in outlook 2016

Some of the solutions to solve or fix Outlook error 0x80004005 are:

Solution 1: Disable Script Blocking Feature in Norton Antivirus

Sometimes this error occurs when you are using Norton Antivirus, and the script blocking feature is enabled. Also, the best way to resolve it is to disable the script blocking feature of Norton Antivirus. But, the only drawback of this action is that by disabling this feature, your PC will become vulnerable to viruses and malware.

Solution 2: Disable the New-Mail Notification Feature in MS Outlook

In the situation where you don’t have Norton Antivirus in your system, then you can go ahead with this method. This method involves disabling the new-mail notification feature in MS Outlook 2016. You can disable this feature to resolve this error in accessing the emails in MS outlook. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open MS Outlook Account
  • Go to the ‘Tools’ menu
  • Go to ‘Options’
  • Select the ‘Preference’ option
  • Press on ‘Email Options’ tab
  • Finally, uncheck the ‘Display a notification message when new mail arrives’ option
  • Press ‘OK’ to Confirm
This image explains the process of disabling the new mail feature in MS Outlook

Solution 3: Scan for Viruses

Many times Virus/Malware/Spyware attacks also cause error 0x80004005.
So, to fix outlook error 0x80004005 caused due to virus and malware attack, you need to remove them immediately as they expose you to severe risks, including privacy issues, identity thefts, data breaches, and more. And, to remove this error in Outlook, you need to eliminate these viruses, malware, and spyware by using a good Antivirus and antimalware software.

Solution 4: Clean the Registry

If you are not able to resolve the error in MS Outlook from the above methods, then you can use this method of removing corrupt and invalid registry keys. So, for doing this, you can easily download a registry cleaner. The purpose of a Registry cleaner is to remove unnecessary items by cleaning the registry by eliminating wrong/bad entries and by fixing damaged files in Windows.

Solution 5: With the help of Professional PST repair Tool resolve MS Outlook Error 0x80004005 in Outlook 2016

If all the above methods are not helpful to you to Resolve MS Outlook Error 0x80004005 in Outlook 2016 and you want to opt for a smarter way, which is less time to consume, then you can download and install the free PST Repair tool by SysInfo Tools. Some of the features of this tool are:

  • Restore all Outlook email items like Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Distribution groups, etc. and recovers all lost and corrupt PST files.
  • There are no file size limitations for PST recovery, i.e., a file of up to 80GB PST has been successfully tested, and data can be saved in multiple file formats like PST, MSG, MBOX, DBX, and EML.
  • It can recover Encrypted and Password Protected Outlook PST Files.
  • This tool supports PST recovery of Non-English and right to the left character and also provides scan feature along with preview feature
  • PST Repair tool has the fastest scanning speed and maintains folder hierarchy during the recovery of PST files in MS Outlook.
  • Regular attachments as well embedded attachments are also easily supported by this tool
  • It efficiently works for PST Files created by MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, etc.
download pst repair tool
Final Words

Many times the error in MS Outlook can render you helpless to send and receive e-mails and cause your work to stop. One such error is 0x80004005. So, to solve this error, there are manual methods that you can use and are described above. But, sometimes, these methods are not that helpful to fix this error, and you need a better and professional repair tool to do the job. Hence, you can download the free version of the PST Repair tool and also the paid version if you want the additional features of saving recovered PST files.

I hope this article helped you to Resolve MS Outlook Error 0x80004005 in Outlook 2016/2019/2020.

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