How to Repair BKF Files in simple steps and restore data from it?

Since data loss is an inevitable occurence, we must take the backup of our computer regularly. A valid backup file can help you restore the data at the time of data loss due to any reason. But just like any other computer file, a backup file is also prone to corruption. And there’s no way to restore your data from a corrupt BKF file. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of backup, the reasons behind corruption and how to open a BKF File. Also, we’ll learn how to repair BKF file with the help of a professional BKF Repair tool.

Importance of backup 

Data loss is a nightmare for computer users. Computer loss, theft, natural disaster, corruption, and accidental deletion, are just some of the ways that can surely lead to data loss situations. Sometimes data loss is temporary and sometimes it’s permanent. In a case of temporary data loss, you have fair chances to restore your data back. But if it’s permanent, you’ll lose the data forever. There’s no way to restore your data back until you have a valid backup file. It feels really bad if you lose the crucial data you’ve spent so long in creating and accumulating. The only way to prepare for the unexpected is to take the backup regularly of almost everything stored in the computer.

Many times it happens that you delete something from the computer, and it always goes to the recycle bin. But if you use Shift + Del for permanent deletion, the data is gone for sure. You can’t restore it back from the Recycle Bin. But wait a minute! There’s no need to worry if you take a regular backup of your computer data. Without facing any sort of data loss, you can successfully restore everything from the backup.

In computing, backup refers to a copy of a file or other item of data made in case the original is lost or damaged.

You must understand the importance of backup. If you have a valid backup file, it ensures you that you won’t face data loss due to any reason, be it accidental deletion or corruption. The backup file contains the copies of your data which you’ve backed earlier. At the time of data loss, you can restore your data from the backup file. It’s very easy to take backup of your computer data. Even a novice user can do it with ease. If you’re a Windows user, you can use the NTBackup utility, a freeware backup tool. Refer to this article to know how to take backup. Also, you can use a commerialware tool like Veritas backup utility that provides more features.


Although a backup file protects your crucial data, it can’t protect itself. And this is the only drawback of a backup file created by any backup utility. Just like any other computer file, a backup file is also prone to corruption. If you lose the data due to corruption, the backup will help you. But what happens if the backup file is corrupted itself? Generally, computer users don’t take backup of their backup. It may sound funny but it’s true.

Most Possible Reasons for Corruption

Now the question comes, how to deal with a corrupt BKF file. But before that, let’s find out the most possible reasons for corruption. I’ve listed a few common ones below:

CRC Failed: CRC aka cyclic redundancy check, is an error-detecting code commonly used to detect accidental changes to raw data. If any bit of the data is missing, the CRC process is likely to be failed.

Storage Media Failure: Sometimes it can be a possible reason for corrupt BKF file. You can store a backup file on both internal and external hard disk as well any other storage media. If the backup file is stored on the sector, partition or drive which has some issues, it may cause corruption.

Virus Infection: It’s one of the most common reasons for corruption in almost all types of file. The virus is a malware that can corrupt your data by deleting some part of the file or overwriting it. A backup file ain’t immune to virus infection.

Invalid Content: If you add some invalid form of content into a BKF file, it can become corrupted. Many times users are careless what they’re adding to the backup file. If they add any invalid data or a corrupt file, this may cause corruption in the backup file.

Incorrect Procedures: Whatever you do incorrectly, has bad consequences. If you take backup of your data incorrectly, it’s likely to be corrupted. In the same way, if you restore files from backup incorrectly, this may cause corruption in the entire backup file.

Improper Shutdown: If a system suddenly shuts down due to power failure or any other reason, it may cause a great loss to your computer data including the backup file. Suppose you’re taking backup and suddenly the system shuts down, it may result in corruption.

How to repair BKF file?

If you try to restore files from the backup but you receive an error message saying, “An inconsistency was encountered in the requested backup file”, this means the file has some issues and you must fix them.

An inconsistency was encountered in the requested backup file

If a regular Windows backup utility fails to restore files from backup, you should try an easy method to extract your data. Interested users may this helpful – Most common backup error messages

Step 1: First, you need to download the from the Internet. This cabinet file (.cab) contains three files: NTBackup.exe, Ntmsapi.dll, and Vssapi.dll.

Step 2: Now right-click the NTBackup.exe file and choose “Run as Administrator”.

Step 3: You’ll encounter a message.

repair BKF file

Click OK and follow the Backup or Restore Wizard.

Step 4: To continue, click Next.

repair BKF file

Step 5: Now choose what you want to do. Click Restore files and settings.

repair BKF file

Click Next to continue the process.

Step 6: Click the Browse button and select the backup file to restore.

repair my backup

Step 7: Now expand the backup file in the left pane, and select the desired files/folders.

repair BKF file

Click Next to continue the process.

Step 8: Before you can finish this process, click the Advanced button to specify additional restore options.

repair BKF file

Step 8: Under Restore files to” option, select “Alternate location”.

repair BKF file

Specify the destination path by clicking the Browse… button. Then click Next to continue the process.

Step 9: Now choose how you want to restore files that are already on your computer.

repair BKF file

Choose “Leave existing files (Recommended)” and click Next to continue the process.

Step 10: Now you can choose to restore security or special system files.

open bkf file

And then click Next to continue the process.

Step 11: Now you can click Finish to start the restoration.

bkf recovery tool

Repair BKF File via BKF Recovery Tool 

If you’re still unable to restore files from backup, this means corruption is severe and nothing can be done manually. In such a situation, you must look forward to a professional BKF Recovery tool to repair BKF file. It’s nearly impossible to restore files from backup if it’s corrupt. But if you employ this smart recovery solution, the impossible becomes possible. Not only can it repair BKF file but also restore maximum possible data in their original form. This BKF Recovery tool has some outstanding features which you may not get in other tools.

  • You can select multiple BKF files at a time. It’s a time-saving feature. You can save your enough time which could’ve spent on scanning multiple BKF files one by one. If the BKF file is split into multiple parts, this feature enables you to select all the parts at a time.
  • If the corrupt BKF file is in compressed form, other recovery tools may not work. But Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro is the smartest BKF recovery tool available in the market. It detects the compression type and decompresses all the possible data from corrupt BKF file.
  • There’s a smart feature in this software to recover SQL database from the corrupt BKF file. You just need to check the “Recover SQL Data” option before you can start the scanning process.
  • You get multiple recovery modes like Standard and Advanced with heuristic scanning feature to repair BKF file and recover maximum possible data.


The BKF Repair tool is available with the demo version for free evaluation. You must download the demo version to scan and repair BKF file. Also, you can check the preview of the file and folders which you can actually recover from the corrupt BKF files. And if you’re satisfied with the results, then only you should purchase the full version of this BKF Repair tool.


The article explained the importance of backup and its major drawback. It also explained the most common reasons for corruption in a backup file. Whenever corruption takes place in a BKF file, you can’t restore anything from it. You must repair BKF file in order to restore your data from it. In this article, we’ve learned how to do that. Since there’s no way to repair BKF file, you have to use a professional BKF Recovery tool to recover your data from it.

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