Resolve Error “Photoshop Unknown JPEG Marker Type Is Found” Easily

In this write-up, We will discuss the commonly asked queries these days that is “photoshop unknown JPEG marker” error and its root causes. Here, we will see to fix this issue manually. 

Photoshop is the most all-around and flexible application used by the designers but sometimes it becomes difficult to work with it. There are multiple errors that you may face in photoshop one such is photoshop invalid jpeg marker type is found. It interrupts you to edit or enhance your important photos with special effects in Photoshop. The issue becomes frustrating and also affects the quality of the work. So here, we will discuss some effective and efficient solutions to fix the unknown error of photoshop. 

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Why you face the error “Photoshop invalid jpeg marker type is found”? 

Here are the major reasons that cause this error:

  • The virus or malicious attack on storage device leads to corrupt JPEG files
  • If the Header files are corrupt or damaged. 
  • Changes in JPEG file extensions also leads to the error
  • Due to the bad sectors available on the device, the JPEG files are affected.
  • If the JPEG scan process does not complete properly. 

 Executing the device to transfer or store when the battery is low. Irrespective of the reason behind “Photoshop invalid jpeg marker type is found” error, there are chances that you can repair your entire files.

Methods to Fix the Error “Photoshop unknown JPEG Marker” 

To solve the issue, you may use any of the following methods:

  1. Change the extension of image file
  2. Rename the image file
  3. Convert the format of an image to another format
  4. View the file in a web browser
  5. Troubleshoot Hardware

Method 1.  Change the extension of the image file:

Follow the below-given steps in order to fix the error photoshop unknown JPEG marker

1. View the Start menu and choose Control Panel < Appearance and Personalization 

2. Choose File Explorer Options and then display Hidden files and folders tab

3. Go to the View tab, uncheck the checkbox next to “Hide extensions for known file types” 

4. Tap on OK and then view the JPEG files again. 

Method 2. Rename the image file:

You can also fix the error by renaming a part of the file and file extension. Before you begin the process, keep the original file name in mind so that you can restore the name in case you want to change it again.  Go through the below steps:—

 1. Find the JPEG file and do right-click on it 

2. Select the Rename option and rename the JPEG images with .jpeg or .jpg extension

 3. View the JPEG image and back it up.

Method 3. Convert to a different file format: 

  1. View the image and do Right-click on the image, then choose the Save As option.
  2.  Go to the field, change the file extension to another file format. change JPEG (.jpeg or .jpg) file extension to a Bitmap file (.bmp) 
  3.  Tap on Save and save the image with the new file format
  4.  Now, view the image and check whether you can open it or not. 

Notes:  You can use various viewer applications like Photoshop, Acrobat, Paint.NET, etc. and convert the file name with .jpeg or .jpg extension and then view it.

Method 4: View the file in a web browser:

1. At first drag and drop the JPEG image in a web browser 

2. If the browser views the image easily, then save the image and then view it in a viewer application. 

Method 5: Troubleshoot the hardware:

If the above methods fail to work, make sure computer hardware is working properly or not. Perform hardware troubleshooting. It will automatically resolve the hardware issues, follows these steps:

  • View the Control Panel on your Windows 10 system.
  • Press on Troubleshooting > Hardware and Sound > Configure a device.
  • Hit on Next

Now, view the JPEG image in Photoshop and ensure whether the photoshop invalid jpeg marker type is found error is fixed or not. 

The above methods are good to go but these methods do not ensure data safety and security. To execute the above methods to resolve the error you should have enough time and patience as these methods are lengthy and time-consuming. One of the most important points to keep in mind is that you must have prior technical knowledge otherwise you may face corruption issues like the image becomes inaccessible. use these methods. But do not panic however you fail to execute these methods you can use an automated utility. 

One such third party utility is the Photoshop Recovery tool.  The utility is a smart  Photoshop recovery solution available online. It supports PSD, PSB, and PDD files built-up by the entire major versions of Adobe Photoshop along with the latest CC2018. With the utility, you can repair the damaged or corrupt Photoshop files and make a new image file with all the restored layers including a separate BMP file. 


Now, you are well known for various techniques to resolve the issue of “photoshop unknown JPEG marker”. And if all the techniques do not work then you can also use a safe and reliable utility Photoshop Recovery tool. 

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