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Who will not be happy if their business reaches its zenith? As your business holds its pace to speed up, your data storage will also increase its area to store the basic or crucial details. Because keeping records for every customer is also an important task. But sometimes, to perform this task efficiently, it has been observed that this data is converted into bulk. And, to complete professional tasks, there is a partner, Outlook 365, who manages all of these tasks. But sometimes, due to bulk data, Outlook crashes, we may face error Code 0x8004060C.

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This Outlook error 0x8004060c may be experienced when your data is overloaded. Its speedy recovery is a must because you will not find a stable, reliable, and authentic partner other than Microsoft Outlook.

Before we proceed further to troubleshoot Outlook error 0x8004060C, let’s have a look at the factors responsible for this error, some manual tricks to fix Outlook error code 0x8004060C, preventive measures to avoid Error Code 0x8004060C, and last but not least, you can also take the help of SysInfo PST File Recovery Tool to fix this issue.

Factors behind Outlook Error 0x8004060c

There may not be a single reason for this Error Code 0x8004060C crash. It is affected for so many reasons, like

  1. Corrupted Outlook File: Sometimes, accidentally we add any corrupted file, which may compel us to lose our data, and we all know the value of our data.
  2. Storage issue: Mostly, we focus on saving the data, but we forgot to check its size, which may also be one of the factors for this error.
  3. Server not responding: we can not define this factor accurately. Because if your original server or mailing system is not responding, then you may face an issue in sending or receiving emails.
  4. Failed in Synchronization: Another possible reason for the occurrence of Error Code 0x8004060C is when MS Outlook and any other server are not able to perform synchronization.
  5. Malware Attack: Often, we add malicious software that may corrupt our data and a prominent feature for this error.

So these are some reasons for Outlook Error 0x8004060C. Now opt for some sort of preventive approach to reduce this error. Outlook users also face the Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a, fix this error with this write-up.

Manual Tricks to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C

Yes, of course, our data is a valuable element for you, and preserving it should be our topmost priority. To correct this error, we can take some simple steps, such as

Trick 1 Delete item folders

You can eliminate unwanted emails, folders, and attachments so that your Outlook will again be filled with space. All you have to do is follow them.

  • Select Outlook and navigate to the deleted folder.

Trick 2: Choose an Empty Deleted Folder Automated

To choose this option, proceed as instructed.

  • Launch Outlook > File > Options (present on the left). Outlook error 0x8004060c
  • The next screen shows options. Choose Advanced > Outlook Start and Exit > Empty Deleted Items Folders when exiting Outlook > OK.
    step 2.2

Trick 3: By Changing Mailbox Settings:

You can also release your memory while changing the settings of a mailbox for this proceeding.

  • Launch Outlook > File > Info > Tools > Mail Box Settings > Mailbox cleanup.Step 3.1
  • Next, a wizard appears to select the file sizes/Days. As per your choice, it will delete items. Outlook error 0x8004060c

Trick 4: By Auto Archiving:

You can follow the above steps. If not successful, then opt for the same as Trick 3 (till Mailbox cleanup) and then follow.

  • Mailbox Cleanup > AutoArchive > Run AutoArchive (select days as required) > OK

If you succeed by attempting all of the steps above, you deserve a standing ovation. But what are other preventive measures you can take to troubleshoot Outlook Error 0x8004060C? So now we have some advice for you to keep your data safe.

If you fail in the above manual attempts, who else can help you?

Although we have stated our best methods for correcting this error, if you fail in this execution, you should seek the assistance of a third party. It is compatible enough to deal with Outlook Error 0x8004060C. To fix this error, you need the SysInfo PST Recovery Tool. By using this utility you can also recover Outlook mailbox from corrupt PST.

It is one of the most reliable, authentic, safe, and easy-to-use software programs. This not only fixes Outlook Error 0x8004060C but also boosts the speedy recovery of your PST files and keeps MS Office healthy. Apart from repairing your PST files, it also converts your files into multiple file formats like EML, MBOX, etc. (as per requirement). And its snapshot feature prevents users from rescanning their documents. Apart from repairing PST files, it also recovers emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Preventive Measures to avoid Error Code 0x8004060C

It is always a good idea to back up or store your data because your entire life is now based on it. In the above write-up, we tried some manual and professional methods to fix Outlook Error 0x8004060C. You can preserve your valuable belongings by opting for these methods:

  1. Avoid Recreation of PST Files: It has been seen that we often create duplicate PST files. Which not only occupies space but is also one of the major causes of this error. So, delete these duplicate files frequently.
  2. Compact the PST Files: By compressing your PST files, you can save server space and avoid Error 0x8004060C.
  3. Scan server timely: You should scan your server frequently so it will continue to scan your corrupted files and inform you from time to time to delete your corrupted files.
  4. Delete Unwanted Outlook Items: You should delete your unwanted Outlook items because they clutter the program and cause errors. It is advisable to delete your unwanted items from Outlook.
  5. Reducing PST File Size: By regularly reducing your PST file size, you can keep Outlook from encountering Error 0x8004060C.

Final words

In the above write-up, we have tried our best to apply professional as well as manual to prevent this error. But still, if you face any difficulty in handling this error, you should approach a third party, which should be authentic and able to secure your data efficiently so that you can concentrate on your work rather than attempting to resolve Outlook Error 0x8004060C.

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