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Are you seeking for a complete solution by which you can migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365? Yes. Then read this informative article to import your Yahoo Mail data. Here you will get manual steps and Yahoo Backup Tool to migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365.

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Yahoo Mail is a web-based email client, and it is mostly used for sending and receiving emails. It can transfer emails between the users and organizations in a very convenient and comfortable way So that there are no chances of data loss. But on the other hand, it has a much smaller session expiry time, less data security, the account is easily hackable compared to Office 365. So let us learn the method using which you can forward Yahoo Mail to Office 365.

Office 365 is a product of Microsoft that enhances users to more necessary tools that help them grow including: Calendar, Excel, Forms, Office, One Drive, One Note, Outlook, Powerpoint, Skype, Word, etc. It can provide users various features such as Flexibility, and security in comparison to Yahoo Mail. Thus before going to the solution of how to forward yahoo mail to office 365. You have to know why do we need to transfer yahoo mail to office 365.

Need Of Migrate Yahoo Mail To Office 365

Except for finding the perfect solutions to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365, it’s highly necessary to know why do we need to export Yahoo Mail emails here, are the main reasons:

  • Office 365 provides more flexibility to the mailbox items of Yahoo Mail.
  • To provide maximum functionality in comparison to Yahoo Mail.
  • It offers multiple services for individuals, businesses, and enterprises.
  • It contains other applications compared to the mailbox like Excel, Word, Forms, etc.
  • Office 365 offers better security of mailbox items.
  • There is no need to worry about viruses and spam. It consists of inbuilt tools for protection from Malware and Spam.
  • Users want to switch from Yahoo Mail to Office 365.
  • To avoid ads while accessing the mailbox.

These are the needs that influence us to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 and make yahoo mailbox items more secure.

Method To Move Yahoo Emails to Office 365 Manually

You have to understand that there is no direct method to export Yahoo Mail mailbox items to Office 365. First, users have to backup Yahoo Mail data into PST file format. Then they can transfer it to an Office 365 account. Follow the below steps carefully to save the Yahoo Mail items into Outlook PST.

Migrate Yahoo Mail to Outlook PST format

To migrate the Yahoo Mail mailbox items to Outlook PST file format, follow the below steps:

    1. Launch the Yahoo Mail on the browser and Sign In with the required credentials.

launch yhoo mail browser

    1. Now, click on your account icon and select the Account Info option, and press it.

click account info

    1. Then from the left side of the panel, click on Account Security.

go to account security

    1. After that, in the opening wizard of Account Security, scroll the page, and enable the option, Allow apps that use the less secure sign-In.
    2. Now, Open Microsoft Outlook on your PC, and login with the essential credentials Id and password. Then click on the File option.
    3. Here in the Account Information Window click on the Info and go to the Add Account button.
    4. A new tab popup, where you have to opt with the Advanced option.

click on advance option

    1. Then check the Let me set up my account manually checkbox.

tick on let me setup my account

    1. After that, enter your email address and click on the Connect option.
    2. Now, in the Advanced Setup, press the POP Icon.
    3. Then on the POP Account Setting page, enter your password, and click on the Connect.
    4. Wait for a while to complete the scanning process of the login account.
    5. After that, verify the Server, User Name, and Password in the Enter your user and password for the following server tab and click Ok.
    6. Then click on the Change Account Setting.
    7. A Pop Account Settings window popup where you have to verify the Incoming Mail Server Id and Port No.
    8. Then check the Require logon using the Secure Password Authentication(SPA) option.
    9. After that, verify the Outgoing Mail Server and Port No.
    10. Select SSL/TLS from the drop-down menu of Encryption Method.

choose SSL tls

    1. Then Again, checks the Require logon using the Secure Password Authentication(SPA) option.
    2. After completing all the processes, click on the Next.

click next

    1. Then click the Finish button and exit>>Restart the Outlook Again.
    2. Now, click on the Send/Receive and select Send/Receive Folder option. Here, you can preview that Yahoo Mail folders are present in MS Outlook.

now click on send and receive option

  1. At last, visit the default location for confirmation of the Yahoo Mail mailbox items saves in PST file format or not.

Export Resultant Yahoo Mail Data to Office 365 Account

Here are two methods to import Yahoo Mail PST file format to Office 365. Choose any of one as per your requirements:

Method 1: Use Network Upload to Migrate Yahoo Mail To Office 365

  • Firstly, copy the SAS URL on your clipboard and After that, install the Azure AxCopy on the System.
  • Then upload all the PST files on the Office 365 Account.
  • After that, you have to preview the uploaded files before continuing the process.
  • Then create a new import mapping file.
  • Finally, you have finished the migration of Yahoo Mail to Office 365.

Method 2:  Use Drive Shipping to Export Yahoo into Office 365

  1. Now, copy the PST files into a BitLocker-encrypted Hard-Disk.
  2. Then migrate the drive to Microsoft Physically.
  3. Here, after receiving the hard disk, the data personnel folder begins uploading the received Outlook data to a specific location, which is temporary on a cloud Microsoft.
  4. At last, you can use the Office 365 import services to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365.

Limitation On Manual Solution Of How Do I Export Yahoo Emails to Office 365?

  • Manual methods are quite lengthy and complex for non-technical and Novice users.
  • Time Consuming Process.
  • For performing the steps, users need to take the help of a technical expert.
  • There might be a chance of data loss on the Yahoo Mail account.

These are the limitations users may face while working with the above methods to forward Yahoo Mail to Office 365. Hence, to overcome these drawbacks of the Manual solution, l recommends you to opt for the Third-Party Software to export Yahoo Mail mailbox items to Office 365.

Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 Using Third-Party Tool

Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool is well designed to restore the Outlook OST file format into Office 365. It can also export Office 365 account data to different file formats and email clients such as PST, PDF, EML,  etc. Moreover, it allow the users to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail, Office 365, Hotmail, IMAP, Gmail, Thunderbird, AOL, Live Exchange, etc. This tool is designed with a highly advanced algorithm so that there is no loss of data while backup and restoring. Moreover, it contains a simple GUI and is easy for both Non-technical and Novice users.


In this article, we learn that Yahoo Mail and Office 365 both are web-based email clients. Yahoo Mail is used to send and receive emails between two clients. But on another side, Office 365 provides different features to the users like word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and the option of sending and receiving emails. As Office 365 contains more options, users want to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365. So after that, we look at the manual and professional approach to export Yahoo Mail data to Office 365.

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