How to Transfer Zoho Mail to Gmail?

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  • Updated on November 22nd, 2021

Zoho Mail and Gmail are popular cloud-based email solutions tailor-made for organization and personal use. These two functions are almost similar, but sometimes, Gmail leads the race as it offers better email browsing and information management in comparison to others. Hence, this blog will describe the manual solution to transfer Zoho Mail to Gmail. It also includes the Zoho Mail Backup Tool by which you can perform the migration of Zoho emails into Gmail instantly.

What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail is a safe and reliable cloud-based email management service like Gmail, which offers the option to manage the information via sending and receiving emails. Further, you can also configure (using POP3 and IMAP protocols) your Zoho Mail account with desktop-based email clients to save the mailbox emails in a local directory.

Zoho Mail is well designed with a highly advanced algorithm that does not display any ads in the email account, and it is best for your account security as well. It provides both free and paid versions for home and corporate users. However, the free version is limited in its storage space. Its pro edition is called Zoho Workplace, which contains the suites of applications.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is one of the leading webmail-based email clients globally developed by Google. It allows its users to manage their personal and professional information by sending and receiving email messages. One can easily create a Gmail account by visiting the official website of Gmail,i.e.,, which provides users with 15 GB of free storage space for every user. If you create a Gmail account or storing your data in Gmail offers multiple benefits in suites of applications for managing calendar, contacts, drive, photos, chats, meetings, maps, etc.

When to Transfer Zoho mail to Gmail?

Nowadays, most users want to use Gmail email service instead of Zoho Mail due to personal and technical reasons. Some of the key reasons are:

  • We all know, Gmail is developed and managed by Google, which is one of the leading IT companies in this digital era, so users trust Google’s services more.
  • Zoho Mail provides their Standard plans yearly and monthly, which offers 30 GB of mail storage per user. Via the professional Plans, one can upgrade to 100 GB of mail storage. On the other hand, Gmail provides 15 GB of storage space for free.
  • According to some professional users and MVPs, Gmail is a more simple-to-use email service. Sometimes, it is also a reason for the migration of Zoho emails to Gmail.
  • Gmail provides some extra options compared to Zoho Mail. However, it is also the reason to migrate Zoho mailbox emails to Gmail or move from Zoho to Google suites of applications like Phone App, API, Collaboration Tools, Instant Messaging, Search Functionality, Task Tracking, To-Do List, etc.

These are some necessities of using Gmail that insist users transfer Zoho mail to Gmail. Any question arises like: How to backup Zoho Emails into Gmail? Well, Don’t worry! Let’s check out the working of the manual and professional solution to migrate Zoho mail to Gmail.

Manual Method to Export Zoho Emails into Gmail

Here, we will mention the simple and easy way to export Zoho to Gmail. Users have to follow the stepwise manual method discussed below:

  • Start Zoho Mail and log in with Zoho Mail account credentials.
  • The application displays your dashboard click on the Setting Gear icon present at the top of the wizard.
  • In the Mail setting, opt for the Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.
  • Here, in the IMAP Access section, select Enable and click on it. Note all the details of IMAP configuration for further process.
  • Open Gmail and login with your Gmail account credentials.
  • In the opening dashboard, click on the Setting>>See all Setting.
  • Opt for the Accounts and Import tab and click on the Add Another Email Address link.
  • Now, enter the Name and Zoho email address and click on the Next Step>> button. Before, make sure that you uncheck the treat as an alias box option.
  • On Another wizard, enter for the SMTP Server and do the following too:
  1. Change the port number value to 465.
  2. Enter the username of the account.
  3. Enter the password for the same.
  • After that, click on the Add Account button.
  • Now, open the Zoho email account again, and find the confirmation link and tap on it.
  • Again, click on the Settings button from the top of your Zoho email account. Then, you need to click on the Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • Here, click on the Add email address and type the Gmail email address. After that, click on the Add button.
  • Now, you will find a confirmation email on your Gmail account. Click to confirm the email id.
  • After that, type the confirmation code in the Zoho Mail account as asked in the email to verify the forwarding.
  • By performing all the above steps correctly, you will get authorization to access Zoho account data on Gmail.

By performing all the above steps correctly, you will get authorization to access Zoho account data on Gmail. But sometimes, users may encounter issues while adding SMTP server and username and password of Zoho account in Gmail. Moreover, the method also needs some technical expertise for the complete migration of Zoho mail to Gmail.

Alternate Method to Transfer Zoho Mail to Gmail

SysInfo Zoho Backup Tool is a safe and top-notch utility that allows users to transfer Zoho mailbox emails into Gmail accounts with ease. The software is competent enough to migrate multiple Zoho folders at a time into Gmail. It also enables users to transfer or backup Zoho emails into Gmail, Office 365, AOL, Thunderbird, PST, PDF, OST, CSV formats.

Features & Benefits of the Software

  • Import Zoho emails to Gmail and other email clients.
  • Allow users to backup Zoho Mail emails into PST, PDF, OST, EML, EMLX, etc.
  • Migrate Zoho mailbox emails to different email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex Mail, Office 365.
  • Option to Remove Duplicate Emails from the selected Zoho account folders.
  • Maintain the structure of the folder by selecting the Maintain Folder Hierarchy.
  • You can also set the Backup Schedule by opting for different options like Once, Every day, etc.
  • Mail Filter for separating the emails between two dates.
  • Free Zoho Backup Tool imports only 50 emails per folder.
  • The Software supports all the versions of the Windows operating system.

Steps to Move Zoho Emails to Gmail

  1. Start the Zoho Backup Software on your local system.
  2. start zoho software
  3. Sign In with the Zoho email address and third-party app password.
  4. signin with third party app password
  5. Here, you can preview the folders present on the login Zoho account.
  6. preview folder
  7. Select the folders from the preview panel you want to backup and click Next.
  8. select the file
  9. Now, choose the email client as Gmail from the drop-down list.
  10. choose gmail
  11. Enter the Gmail Id and third-party app password to Sign In.
  12. enter gmail id pass
  13. Choose the required features of the software.
  14. choose feature
  15. Mail Filter to filter the migrated emails into a specific date range.
  16. mail filter option
  17. Click the Convert button to start the migration of Zoho Mail emails into Gmail.
  18. click convert
  19. In addition, you can also download the conversion report of Zoho emails.
  20. download report


In this blog, we described the Zoho mail and Gmail and the requirements behind the conversion of Zoho mail into Gmail. So, we learned the simple and easy manual solution by which the Zoho mailbox gets exported into Gmail automatically. Further, we also discuss the working of the expert solution that performs Zoho emails into Gmail conversion quickly and flawlessly.

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