How to Restore and Repair Damaged PDF Files Online? DIY

Summary: Let’s take a look at how to restore and repair damaged PDF files online on your own easily.

Many times while working with Adobe reader, you encounter damaged or corrupted PDF Files.

You must have got many errors while working with acrobat reader like “PDF file is not readable with acrobat reader” or “PDF file hangs while printing” or “There was an error opening the document, the file is damaged and could not be repaired”.

Many times while working with Adobe Reader, users encounter PDF file corruption and thereby the loss of their important data. So, here are some of the manual methods to repair damaged PDF files. Let’s take a look and read further about the ways by which you can open damaged PDF files.

Ways to Open or Repair damaged PDF Files:

Method 1. By Repairing Adobe Reader to restore/repair corrupted PDF

If you are facing problems with your PDF files then there is a possibility that the Adobe PDF Reader is not working properly and needs repair. The first step you should take is by checking Adobe Reader. You can follow the below steps to check the reader:

Launch the Adobe Reader > go to Help > Check for Updates.

You can check whether the program is up to date. If there are new updates available then go ahead and install them.

If this process doesn’t work for you, then it might happen that the files supported by the program are corrupted. In this case, you can follow the given steps:

  • Keep Adobe Reader Open
  • Open Help > Repair Installation
  • Press Window Key +I
  • If the problem is still not solved by the above method, then,
  • Click on apps
  • Search for Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Uninstall the  Adobe reader

If the PDF is still not opening, then it is confirmed that the Adobe program is faulty.

  • Go to the Adobe website and download it again.
  • Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader > go to Help > Repair Adobe Reader Installation.

Now, after this confirmation, I would suggest moving ahead with repairing the Adobe Reader.

Method 2. You can Restore the corrupted PDF file to the previous version

This will only work in the case when you already have the backup of your PDF Files with you. You can easily restore your saved files in the previous version and repair and open them. Just follow the steps given below:

Right-click on the PDF files in Windows Explorer > Go on Properties > Click Previous Versions.

A list of all old versions of PDF files will be displayed, click either copy by clicking Open > Check out whether it’s the version you need > click Restore

This way you can restore your corrupt pdf files.

Windows10 provides a built-in feature for this. You can press Windows key +I and navigate to Update & Security > Backup. If this feature is not enabled in your system, then you need to first enable it.

If you have enabled it, Go to File History feature to get back your PDF to a previous version by opening File Explorer and navigate to your PDF. Right-click it and click Restore previous versions.

Method 3. Try PDF recovery tools to repair damaged PDF File.

If you want to repair PDF files online without hassle, then I would suggest you use the smart PDF Recovery Tool by Sysinfo Tools. It recovers data including text, images, links, comments, bookmarks, tables, animation, diagram etc as well the Unicode characters. This tool can repair unlimited PDF files without any data loss.

The PDF Recovery tool is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000. The smart software also helps in recovering PDF files from external storage devices like DVD or CD and has two recovery modes standard and advances for rebuilding Corrupt PDF files.

The free version recovers alternate pdf pages. So, I would suggest you install the tool and recover your lost files, images, graphics, etc. This tool is really simple to use and can be used even by a non-technical person. Hope this answers your question regarding the repair PDF file online.

To Sum up:

We all are used to working on Adobe Acrobat reader and most of the PDF files are important to us. I have discussed the step vise process to see if the PDF files are corrupt or there is a problem in the Reader itself. So, you can easily figure it out by yourself and perform the above-mentioned steps to recover these files easily. But these manual methods are time-consuming and are difficult for a non-technical person to perform. Therefore, I would suggest you to use the Professional PDF recovery tool to restore and repair damaged PDF files easily and accurately.

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