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The EDB Recovery Tool is software that helps to recover the Exchange database information or data. It is the easiest option to repair the Exchange files. But, it will not solve your issues completely. So, you can go with a better solution. Here, in this article, I will highlight the top 5 best exchange EDB recovery tools that will help you to choose any of them. Before getting to an alternative, let’s learn about the EDB files.

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Microsoft Exchange Database supports the EDB files. These are the data files that contain all the necessary index information regarding the database. However, these files got corrupted due to several reasons. Due to this, you may not be able to access the database files.

If the Exchange server gets crashed, the data files are likely to be damaged. It is the most general reason for EDB file corruption. However, there are also many other reasons.

Reasons for EDB File Corruption

The EDB files are vulnerable and get corrupted easily. These files are prone to get damaged because of several reasons. Some reasons are more significant and appear after using the  exchange EDB recovery tool. But all of them show the same effect on the data files. The most common causes of EDB file corruption are listed below:

  • Exchange Server Dirty Shutdown
  • Exchange Server Crash
  • Virus attack
  • Missing Log files
  • Sudden Power Failure

You can repair the EDB files by various methods. But this is not a complete solution to your problem. The data files may get corrupted again easily by the server crashing or a virus attack. The best fix for this issue is to convert the EDB file into a more resilient file format like PST.  Here we are providing, the best Exchange EDB recovery software to recover EDB files.

Best Exchange EDB Recovery Tool

In this section, I will highlight the foremost exchange EDB repair tool that will guide you to choose any of the tools based on their features.

  1. Sysinfo Exchange Recovery Tool
  2. MailConverterTools EDB files Converter
  3. Aryson Exchange EDB Repair Tool
  4. DRS EDB File Recovery
  5. MailsDaddy Exchange Recovery Software

Here, I have given you a glimpse of all EDB file recovery tools that I will discuss each of them in detail.

Sysinfo  Exchange EDB Repair Tool 

Sysinfo best exchange EDB recovery tool  converts the corrupted EDB file into PST file format. It also converts the data file into multiple file formats. Along with that, it offers various features like Multiple Recovery Modes, Auto-Detect, File Preview, etc. These features make this tool the Best EDB to PST Converter software. The Exchange EDB Repair Tool is a reliable software. It does not damage the content of the file during the migration process.

Key Features – 

  • The Exchange EDB Recovery tool provides an option to remove duplicate items based on sender id, recipient id, and subject from migration.
  • The tool migrates the EDB files to Office 365 email ID directly.
  • It offers an Auto-Detect feature to search the corrupted file easily.

MailConverterTools EDB files Converter

EDB to PST Converter is the most versatile and comprehensive software that helps users to restore and recover Exchange Database files. Mostly EDB files are liable for corruption so users want to extract their Exchange Database files and save them into the Outlook PST files.

Key Features – 

  • It is the best Exchange Recovery Software that provides three different recovery modes, Deep, Advanced, and Standard.
  • There is another feature that provides hierarchical folders, which includes sub-folders also.
  • This utility is highly recommended by IT Professionals and experts.

Aryson Exchange Recovery Tool

Aryson MS Exchange Database EDB files to MS Outlook PST files converter is highly compatible with all versions of MS Exchange Server, such as 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. While using this converter, users are allowed to preview their corrupted EDB files before doing the migration process.

Key features –

  • This converter helps to migrate your desired EDB files to Outlook PST files without losing your crucial data or information.
  • It is the software that assists in transferring EDB files to EML or Windows Live Mail.
  • There is another feature that supports other languages of EDB mailbox items that will convert into PST files.

DRS EDB File Recovery

DRS Exchange Database EDB to MS Outlook PST converter is risk-free and an efficient utility that helps users to convert their dismounted Exchange EDB files to PST file format. It migrates all the mailbox items, such as notes, tasks, calendars, contacts, emails, etc of EDB files.

Key Features – 

  • EDB file recovery is a highly suggested utility by IT Administrators and MVPs to transfer Exchange EDB files to PST file formats.
  • This EDB Recovery tool supports both characters, ANSI and UNICODE.
  • There is no limitation on the size of EDB files while doing the migration process.

MailsDaddy Exchange Recovery Software

MailsDaddy EDB files to Microsoft Outlook PST converter permits users to export their EDB files into various options, such as MSG, HTML, EML, PST, Live Exchange Server, and Office 365. Users are allowed to add multiple corrupted EDB files at a single time to convert them into PST files with 100% of assurance.

Key Features – 

  • The EDB Recovery tool straightforwardly exports private and public folders of EDB files.
  • You do not need any Exchange Server while doing the exporting process.
  • There is a filter that helps to remove your duplicate EDB files during the conversion process.

Here, you have seen I have discussed the best Exchange EDB recovery tool that helps you to do the migration process by using any of them.

Final Words

You can repair your EDB files through numerous methods. However, they will get dismounted again effortlessly. So, you should need a full-proof solution to fix this issue. The best option is to convert the EDB files into a more secure file format like PST. The best Exchange EDB Recovery Tool is software that helps you in migrating data files.

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